2015 round up!

2015 certainly has been a busy one with many projects keeping us on our toes. Hear about our antics in our last blog of the year.

Who’s behind the Mask?

The escalating number of cases this year has shown we need to ensure our wits are about us now more than ever. But are we any wiser as to the kinds of people responsible for hacking?

The Aftermath of a Hacking Attack

What actually happens to a small business after they have suffered a breach? Unfortunately, the aftermath of a security breach does not look too pretty.

What’s trending on today’s threat landscape?

This time last year the news of Sony’s data breach was raging hot in the media. But what’s changed since then? How does the threat landscape look now? Can we assure ourselves all is now calm?

So much TalkTalk about cyber-attacks

The topic concerning many is the latest cyber-attack on telecommunications group TalkTalk which has not just affected the business but has put its 4 million customers at risk

Smart Security Service Launch

To launch our new security service, Smart Security, we held an event on 15/10/15 at our offices at Brindley Place complete with champagne and canapés which proved to be a great success!

Whose responsibility is cyber-security?

Discussions about staying cyber-secure can go on until we are blue in the face but who actually is responsible to ensure a business is protected from cyber-crime? A cyber-security company like us? Your manager? The IT department? The government? Actually, the person responsible is you.