Happy new year-Lets take a look back on 2018 in the world of Cyber Security

Happy new year from the team here at Equilibrium Security. Another year has passed for us and we are now in our 7th year of trading! As we move into 2019, it is a perfect time to reflect on all the fantastic milestones we have achieved and to take a look back on the past year in the world of Cyber Security... there has not been a dull moment!

What did team Equilibrium get up to in 2018?

We became CREST accredited Penetration Testers

Becoming CREST accredited penetration testers is the highest accolade within this field. This accreditation is a proven cyber security framework which demonstrates our up to date knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers. This has been a great opportunity to show our customers that we are the go-to specialists for all penetration testing services.

Click here to find out more about our CREST Penetration Testing Service.


We expanded our sales and technical teams


Back in June 2018 first class Cyber Security graduate Jon Coss joined our technical team as a Cyber Security Engineer. Closely followed by Stacie Read who joined the sales team as an Account Manager in September. 

As a rapidly growing cyber security company at the forefront of the tech industry, we are always on the lookout for talented, passionate and innovative cyber security professionals. Please let us know if you know of any suitable sales or technical candidates in your network. Head to our website to find out more.

Customer Testimonials

Damian Walton Director of Professional Services, IntaForensics:

We have previously used Equilibrium and were very satisfied with the level of service and professionalism that they deliverAs an organisation that prides itself on the delivery of a high-quality, customer-focused service, we were very impressed and satisfied with our experience with Equilibrium. They demonstrated industry knowledge, professionalism and a high standard of service delivery. We would not hesitate to engage them again in the future and I would be happy to recommend their services externally..


Tony Wintrip, Office Manager CHS Healthcare:

"It was refreshing to find a business to business service that was really so very good at communicating with us as the customer.  Calls and emails were always answered promptly, and we were never left in any doubt about progress of the work.   Overall it was a very good experience and one that has given us confidence in using the services of Equilibrium in the future."

What were the biggest Cyber Breaches of 2018?

  • Facebook- 50 million accounts involved in a security breach

    Back in September of 2018 the tech giants Facebook discovered a breach which affected a staggering 50 million users! The vulnerability was identified as the “View As” button which let the users visit their profile as someone from their friends or public audience.

  • British Airways- 380,000 users had their payment details stolen

    In September it emerged that 380,000 British Airways customers were affected by a catastrophic cyber breach. Hackers spent two weeks stealing the personal and payment card data of people who booked travel on the British Airways website and mobile app.

  • T-Mobile Hack- 2 million customers affected

    In August 2018, T-Mobile announced a huge data breach affecting 2 million customers which they described as an ‘unauthorised capture of data’. Cyber criminals stole customer names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and account numbers.

SME’s are just as vulnerable to Cyber Attacks- Don’t become an easy target for hackers!

Though the media only broadcasts the largescale corporate hacks such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Uber’, this is not to say that smaller businesses are not a desirable target. If anything SME’s are often the easy wins for cyber criminals. While infiltrating a global company like ‘HSBC’ or ‘British Airways’ may take several months and teams of highly skilled hackers. Smaller businesses often leave harmful gaps in their security armour, meaning bad actors can simply ‘walk right in’. 

Has GDPR changed the way we think about data protection and security?

As we all know, back in May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation was finally introduced. It is now almost 8 months since the dreaded GDPR deadline, but has it really changed the way we think about data protection and security? The constant 'Mega Breaches' in the press suggest a very different story. The question is with GDPR now in full swing, how are tech giants like Facebook still failing to implement sufficient security measures?


Since the introduction of GDPR  we have noticed a huge surge in businesses seeking support post cyber-attack. Whether you are seeking post-breach support or would simply like to prepare for the worst case scenario, we offer a Cyber Breach Readiness and Investigation Service. This can help identify how the malware entered the network, what devices it has affected and where your gaps in protection are. We can also help build a tailored incident response plan.

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