New starter: Matt Ford joins the team as a Business Development Manager

I wanted to join Equilibrium to grow my career and further my success in Cyber Security services – I wanted to be very conscientious in who I progressed my career with, in our ever noisy market it’s becoming very hard for companies like ourselves to differentiate against the rest, and what stood out for me is that Equilibrium are Pure Play cyber security specialists! I was impressed by the level of experience, credibility & solutions we as an organisation has to offer…not to mention being based in one of the fastest growing cities in the country, Birmingham! I’m looking forward to engage with our Midlands based Cyber professionals, to work together to create new innovative ways to protect against cyber criminals.

From a very young age I’ve taken a keen interest in technology and exciting developments that contribute towards our ever changing world & how it can benefit society. I’m a huge sports enthusiast following sports such as tennis, MMA & football. I’m a proud Brummie, that loves to see my city grow and the success it breeds. I’m also a big follower of out-spoken street artists such as ICY & SOT, Banksy and Shepard Fairey.

In my career I’ve worked on all types of opportunities, from having my own stall at the Rag Market aged 13 to raising money for charity door to door in the snow & rain, I took it upon myself to not go to University, instead I threw myself into the “big bad world” to see where my own actions would take me. – I can’t wait to get started with Equilibrium, to grow and expand our services and duties in protecting the nation against the threats & attacks globally.