New starter: Adrien James joins the team as a Business Development Manager

I have been working in technology for the past 6 years. Working in IT contract recruitment. For a technical training provider and a KBB software company.

From doing my research before joining the company I could see Equilibrium has the same core values as me. Behind every product the people are the ones who deliver excellence. This is a company willing to invest in me as a Cyber Security professional to give me the tools to help protect the companies we work with.

As a cyber security professional, I will be constantly learning and looking forward to work with companies of all levels to find the best solutions to Cyber Security for them.

Coming from a French background I love food… Cooking and eating. Having a degree in Sports Science I follow sport, mainly rugby and football. I have not quite followed the path I set out when I was younger, but it is a path that has led me to where I am now, and I am looking forward to where this path will take me with Equilibrium Security.