IASME introduce changes to the Cyber Essentials scheme from 24th January 2022

Here at Equilibrium Security we are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance assessments for the past five years. From the 24th January, The Iasme Consortium’s Cyber Essentials scheme will receive the biggest update to technical … Read more

Cyber Awareness month 2021: How can we remain #CyberSmart in an increasingly volatile threat landscape?

So what exactly is ‘National Cyber Security Awareness Month’? According to Google, October is also a time to celebrate ‘National Pumpkin Spice Day’, ‘National Walk to a Park Day’ and ‘National Yorkshire Pudding Day’. Whilst we can be all be on board with a day dedicated to the humble Yorkshire pudding, is cyber-awareness month just … Read more

Equilibrium are exhibiting as a founding partner of the National Cyber Security Show at the NEC between 7th-9th September

As born and bred Birmingham-based Cyber Security experts, Equilibrium Security are extremely excited to be one of the founding partners at the National Cyber Security Show in the NEC. Not only does this exhibition provide us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge security services, but also to establish new security partnerships with businesses … Read more

CISO series part 1: The top 5 CISO Cyber Security challenges- and how to overcome them

What is the role of a CISO?The role of a Chief Information Security Officer covers a wide spectrum of Cyber Security responsibilities. A CISO is a security leader who offers strategic advice and expert guidance to help build the overall security strategy. This involves designing and implementing policies, identifying and mitigating security gaps, choosing the … Read more

The evolution of ransomware attacks

What is ransomware?So what exactly is ‘ransomware’? It is quite possibly the most dangerous and lucrative form of malware of our time. In essence, ransomware infiltrates a device or network with the aim of encrypting personal data. It then holds the victim to ‘ransom’ by demanding a sum of money (in the digital currency Bitcoin), … Read more

How to strengthen your defences using CREST certified ethical hacking services

What are ethical hackers?Essentially, ‘ethical hackers’ or ‘penetration testers’ are the good guys of the cyber-world. Rather than using their hacking skills to break into networks with malicious intent, they use their expertise to help businesses identify security weaknesses and build more robust, cyber-resilient IT infrastructures. A white hat’s motivations are always in the interest … Read more

Cyber Security for NHS Suppliers: Tackling healthcare cyber-risk in the wake of the pandemic

The prevalence of cyber-attacks against the NHS supply chain, has significantly accelerated in the past 12 months. When the healthcare sector were under immense pressure at the onset of the pandemic, cyber-criminals took the opportunity to attack an industry in crisis. Although they have always been a prime target for internet criminals, last year we … Read more

CASE STUDY: Safeguarding students from online threats, cyber-bullying & harmful content

ABOUT GREENWOOD ACADEMIES TRUST The Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT) currently has 36 open academies educating approximately 17,000 pupils across seven local authority areas including Nottingham City, Nottinghamshire, Leicester City, Northamptonshire, Peterborough, Lincolnshire and Central Bedfordshire In 2018, Equilibrium were approached by Greenwood Academies Trust to help them achieve their Cyber Essentials certification. However, instead of … Read more

Financial Services: Tackling the ever-growing threat of BEC and email spoofing attacks

For financial services firms, cyber-attacks are the bank robberies of the digital age. Since the advent of computers, criminals no longer need balaclavas, guns or a getaway car on standby. Today’s cyber-criminals can conduct attacks from behind a computer screen. For obvious reasons, financial firms have always been a prime target for cyber-criminals. Unfortunatley, due … Read more

The top 8 Cyber Security trends of 2021

The emergence of Covid-19 has transformed life as we know it, from both a business and personal perspective. In the wake of the first lockdown, businesses were forced to rapidly accelerate digitisation plans. Although this allowed  firms to remain ‘open for business’ during the lockdown, these critical rollouts usually require careful planning and stringent risk … Read more