Call to tighten BYOD policies

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has taken off in recent years. Nearly everyone you talk to says that they are allowed to take their own device into the office and use it for work purposes. But what are the issues they pose on your business?

9 Steps to a Secure Business

Reports on cyber-attacks and company breaches are at large at the moment but what are the minimum steps you can take to make sure your business is secure?

Once upon a time we were clueless

The privacy versus security debate is affecting our perceptions regarding the importance of cyber-security and is a hot topic concerning government expenditure today. How are these arguments unfolding and what is stopping us from being protected from the hungry eyes that wait to feast on our data, our identity and our business?

Cyber-Security: It’s all Greek to me

All things cyber now constantly infiltrate our lives as well as our inboxes and have formed a whole new language. To help you become more cyber-literate here is a glossary of terms you are likely to hear.

A Cloud Based Solution

This week we put forward a proposal for a high profile potential client for WiFi in his 6 offices throughout the country. His main concern was ‘as Meraki is cloud based, is it secure?’  We proceeded to put forward our thoughts to put his mind at ease.

Ross Palmer – Short Bio

I am currently on a Placement Year from University. I am studying Forensic Computing (BSc) at Staffordshire University. I am immensely grateful to Equilibrium Security for taking a chance with me and teaching me the ropes of this industry!