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Where are you on the road to cyber security?

Is ‘Cyber Security’ a term that you have heard mentioned but not sure of its relevance to your business?

Is a ‘Cyber Attack’ only something that you think happens to large companies as they are the ones that hit the headlines?

Well think again according to a report by the UK government, 60% of small businesses suffered a data breach in the last year. A further 16% experienced a ‘denial of service’ attack, effectively making their computer systems unusable1.

Becoming a victim of a hack or breach costs smaller firms between £65,000 and £115,000, according to the PWC survey of the worst data breaches among small firms.

We completely understand that your focus is on making your business a success and ‘Cyber Security’ comes a long way down the priority list. That’s why we’re offering a FREE security assessment, usually worth over £2k to understand where you are on the journey to cyber security. The purpose of the assessment is to put together a roadmap that makes suitable design, configuration or operational recommendations.

Assessment key deliverables:

  • Consultative led cyber security review
  • Cyber Security expert will analyse the findings against current global threat intelligence
  • Present an executive report detailing where you are on the road to cyber security
  • Recommended future improvements and how to achieve them

The recommended next actions will be classified in terms of business impact and will be listed in priority order in terms of their potential influence to the current and future operational effectiveness of your business.

The cyber security assessment will enable you to understand the investment required to provide reassurance that your critical business data is kept secure to the online world.

*Free Security Assessment subject to passing the pre-qualification questionnaire, **Offer expires June 2015, 1 2014 Information Security Breaches Report, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

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