What are the different Types of Penetration Testing?

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What is Pen Testing and what is it’s purpose?

Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, involves simulating various cyber-attack scenarios to identify vulnerabilities in a system, network, or application.

Penetration tests UK are an excellent way to help businesses find exploitable vulnerabilities in their network which could allow cyber criminals to access critical assets.

Various penetration tests demand different degrees of intrusion and access. Sometimes, just identifying the vulnerability suffices. Hence, it’s crucial for CREST security experts to select the appropriate penetration test type for clients, in line with the agreed-upon scope.

Certified by CREST and Offensive Security, our qualified testers employ real-world hacking techniques to uncover profound insights.

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What different types of penetration testing are there?

There are several types of penetration testing, each with its specific focus and objective.

The benefits of carrying out a range of different penetration tests is that it gives you a clearer view of your security posture. It allows you to evaluate how secure each gateway of your infrastructure is and how easy it would be for a hacker to gain access to your systems and sensitive information.

Some of the different penetration tests we offer include:

Curious About The Craft Behind Penetration Testing?

It’s a blend of art and science. Explore our playbook for the methodologies our experts use in each test.

Social Engineering penetration testing

What does it involve?

The advantage of a social engineering penetration testing?

Wireless pentesting

A wireless penetration test checks the security of every wireless device within the company. This is usually a very detailed and targeted test which can involve a very long list of devices such as tablets, smart phones and laptops.

Wireless pen test methodology involves:

Network Pentesting

The purpose of network Penetration Testing is to closely examine weaknesses in a corporate IT infrastructure.

Network pen testing tools can be used to determine the effectiveness of security hardware, software and policies. Essentially it tests whether your technical controls are working successfully or if a hacker would be able to evade your security defences.

Once these weak spots are identified, the pen tester can either:

  • Provide a report detailing the security holes discovered
  • Safely exploit the vulnerabilities found within the system in a controlled environment.

The benefit of network security and penetration testing is that it can discover critical flaws in your network security systems. Leaving these vulnerabilities unpatched could lead to a catastrophic breach.

What is the aim of Network Pentesting?

A network penetration test is one of the most common pen test methods. The aim of a network pen test is to identify damaging vulnerabilities within a network infrastructure, and security gaps in devices and network services. 

As many networks have both external and internal access points, it is common practice to carry out tests on site and remotely.

This usually includes:

CREST pen testers would target the following network areas:

Our Penetration Testing Process

Step 1
Scoping phase

Before testing commences, our experts will take time to understand your pen testing requirement in more detail, define the testing scope and gather the necessary technical information and access required to carry out the test.

Step 2

Using a variety of pen testing tools our qualified penetration testers will manually assess your systems to identify security weaknesses/vulnerabilities which require patching and remediation.

Step 3
Analysis and exploitation

In this phase we will interpret the results, and (if permitted and approved) exploit any vulnerabilities discovered. This will determine whether a hacker could use the vulnerability as leverage to gain wider access to your systems. However, many customers prefer to patch and remediate, rather than risking the potential service disruption that exploitation could cause.

Step 4
Detailed Penetration Test report

Our experts will analyse the results and present the finding in a comprehensive penetration testing report. This will detail and categorise the vulnerabilities discovered ranked as either ‘Critical, High, Medium, or Low’, as well as outline instructions of how to remediate, patch and strengthen your defences.

Step 5

After remediation, we can retest your systems to check that all patches have been applied and security holes have been mitigated.

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How can we help?

Here at Equilibrium, we are CREST certified penetration testers. CREST penetration testing certifications demonstrate that a company follows a stringent and industry approved penetration testing methodology. 

Our team of experts is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to identify not only common security weaknesses but also those sophisticated vulnerabilities that might elude routine checks. 

This commitment to depth and thoroughness ensures that our insights provide actionable recommendations that can significantly enhance your overall security posture.

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Brian Sexton
Brian Sexton
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We've been working with Equilibrium for the last 2 years now to keep on top of our security requirements. They have provided excellent services on our penetration testing and secure code reviews.
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Would highly recommend them and their services. Would also like to give a shout out to Jacob, I appreciate the opportunity to work with him. Thanks for all the advice and help. Working with you has been a great experience and the team love having you around.
Phil Barron
Phil Barron
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It was a pleasure working with the Equilibrium team - they were very understanding of our needs, worked very well with my team, and most importantly were very patient and understanding of the limitations of my team to provide the information required when needed due to other priorities.

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