Mobile App Penetration Testing

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our lives, from banking and shopping to social networking and entertainment. The last 20 years has seen mobile phones develop from two-way communicators to minicomputers.

You can personalise your devices with applications that enhance your experience. With the increased popularity of apps, they have also become a prime target for cyber-criminals. To keep your app safe, it is essential to carry out mobile app penetration testing.

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What is mobile app penetration testing?

Mobile application penetration testing is the process of evaluating a mobile app’s security by simulating an attack from a malicious actor. The aim of this testing is to identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by an attacker, and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Depending on the coding language used for the app development, the app penetration testing methods are similar to website penetration testing.

Why is mobile application penetration testing crucial to mobile app safety?

Mobile apps store sensitive information such as personal details, bank account information, and credit card details, making them a prime target for cybercriminals.

A single vulnerability in the app can compromise the user’s data and lead to identity theft, financial loss, and damage to the app’s reputation. Mobile app penetration testing helps in identifying these vulnerabilities and providing recommendations to fix them, making the app more secure. 

Certified by CREST and Offensive Security, our qualified testers employ real-world hacking techniques to uncover profound insights.

What are the Benefits of Mobile App Pen Testing?

Identify Security Vulnerabilities: 
Pen testing helps in identifying any security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals. 

Risk Assessment: 
Pen testing provides a risk assessment of the mobile app, highlighting areas that require further attention and fixing. 

Protecting Users: 
By identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, mobile app pen testing helps protect the app’s users from data breaches and other cyber-attacks. 

Our Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

We can identify vulnerabilities and insecure functionality in your web applications. API and authenticated testing available.


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Internal network Penetration Testing

Using advanced manual testing methods, we can assess security and uncover vulnerabilities in your internal infrastructure.


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External network Penetration Testing

Let our team of expert penetration testers assess and test the security of your public information and external-facing assets.


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Mobile App Penetration Testing

By discovering security flaws in your mobile applications, you can strengthen your future software development cycle.

Wireless Penetration Testing

We can help you identify, patch and understand the potential impact of wireless infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Social engineering Testing

Gain insight into the strength of your social engineering controls with combined phishing and physical access testing.


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Curious About The Craft Behind Penetration Testing?

It’s a blend of art and science. Explore our playbook for the methodologies our experts use in each test.

Our 5-step process for mobile app pen testing

1. Scoping

2. Testing

3. Analysis and Exploitation

4. Detailed Pen Test Report

5. Re-test

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Customer Feedback

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Brian Sexton
Brian Sexton
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We've been working with Equilibrium for the last 2 years now to keep on top of our security requirements. They have provided excellent services on our penetration testing and secure code reviews.
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Would highly recommend them and their services. Would also like to give a shout out to Jacob, I appreciate the opportunity to work with him. Thanks for all the advice and help. Working with you has been a great experience and the team love having you around.
Phil Barron
Phil Barron
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It was a pleasure working with the Equilibrium team - they were very understanding of our needs, worked very well with my team, and most importantly were very patient and understanding of the limitations of my team to provide the information required when needed due to other priorities.
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Why choose Equilibrium Security?

Equilibrium Security is a trusted provider of mobile application penetration testing services. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who use the latest tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and provide recommendations for fixing them. Get in contact with us, today