Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Companies can protect against social engineering attacks, by implementing a range of protocols, procedures and measures that members of staff need to follow.

Social Engineering Testing is designed to test how well employees adhere to your security policies and practices.ย 

It provides a strategic assessment of your resilience against human manipulation. It does this by simulating controlled tests to identify weak links in human defences. Any weaknesses can then be addressed through targeted training and awareness programmes.

What is Social Engineering Penetration Testing?

Social Engineering Pen Testing is a sophisticated strategy that is designed to assess the susceptibility of an organisation to social engineering attacks.

These are techniques are used by cyber-criminals to exploit human vulnerabilities. Their aim is to manipulate individuals into revealing sensitive company information.ย 

Using techniques such as:

Criminals can trick employees to act as unwitting allies in cyber-crime.

Certified by CREST and Offensive Security, our qualified testers employ real-world hacking techniques to uncover profound insights.

Why Your Organisation Needs Social Engineering Pen Testing

The human factor introduces a degree of risk into any security system. Cyber-criminals are attracted to this fallibility and are adept at exploiting the slightest of loopholes.

Even if you believe youโ€™ve invested in the most robust digital security for your company, the human element can still leave you vulnerable.

Social Engineering Testing gives you confidence that your team are aware of the risks, understand their responsibilities and are better equipped to spot any potential threats.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing techniques

Our Social Engineering Penetration Testing methodology incorporates a number of techniques used by cyber-criminals. These simulated strategies aim to test your human defences.

These can broadly be categorised as off-site and on-site attacks. Off-site attacks are conducted remotely, while on-site attacks require access to your premises. Social Engineering Pen Testing simulates both types of attack.

These include:

Social Engineering Penetration Testing from Equilibrium Security

At Equilibrium Security, we provide Social Engineering Testing services to help you understand the risks, assess your current posture and further develop the security awareness of your team.

As your partners in Cyber Security, we can ensure you always stay ahead of any developing threats and that your infrastructure, both digital and human, is as robust as possible.

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