Can You Carry Out CE Plus Assessment Without Achieving Basic Cyber Essentials?

Before moving on to Cyber Essentials Plus you must first pass the Cyber Essential basic certification. This is because the audit for Cyber Essential Plus assesses the information that has been provided in the Cyber Essentials basic questionnaire.

What is Cyber Essentials Plus?

If you’re wondering why you need Cyber Essentials Plus, then it’s important to consider the advantages it can give your organisation in terms of security. CE Plus builds upon the self-assessment element of the basic certification with an independent systems audit/assessment.

The audit will assess how well your organisation adheres to five building block security controls that will significantly reduce the risk from common cyber threats. These five components are:

  • Firewalls & Routers
  • Software Updates
  • Malware Protection
  • Access Controls
  • Secure Configuration

Equilibrium Security are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016.

How long do you have to complete Cyber Essentials Plus once CE Basic is achieved?

You have 90 days within which to complete CE Plus once you have received your CE Basic certification.

How do I pass Cyber Essentials Plus?

One reason why Cyber Essentials Plus is so valued by organisations is because it builds on the self-assessment element of the CE Basic with a more rigorous, independent assessment.Β 

Hands-on technical testing will be carried out at your premises to assess how well Cyber Security measures are being implemented.

This gives you added assurance about your Cyber Security, while also giving confidence to your customers and clients that their data will be safe.

Passing Cyber Essentials Plus begins with a thorough understanding of what’s required and the fullest implementation of the required Cyber Security measures.

Achieve Cyber Essentials Plus with Equilibrium Security

Equilibrium Security can help you achieve the next level of Cyber Security certification for your organisation.

During the certification process, we will conduct various security tests and controlled assessments to assess the performance of your security measures against real-world threats.

Should we identify any areas requiring improvement, we will offer recommended remedial actions for you to implement. 

Once these enhancements have been carried out, we can proceed to grant you the CE Plus certification, which will remain valid for a period of 12 months.

Contact us to find out more about strengthening your Cyber Security and achieving Cyber Essentials Certification.