Our Services

A team of Cyber Security experts, trusted to protect blue-chip, public sector and SME’s for over a decade.

Equilibrium Security is an industry leading provider of Cyber Security services based in the UK. Our team are all highly qualified Cyber Security specialists, certified to the highest professional standards.

Strategic Security Partnership

Strategic support to shape, deliver and maintain your Cyber Security strategy. Equilibrium is the helping hand to help you stay ahead of the game.

CREST Penetration Testing

Concerned that hidden vulnerabilities could jeopardise your security? Fear not. Our penetration testers shine a light on all those deep, dark corners of your IT ecosystem.

Assumed Breach testing

A fresh approach to security testing. An ‘assumed breach’ test reveals how effective your security is beyond the perimeter, & how easily an attacker could move around.

Different Types of Penetration Testing

A comprehensive suite of advanced Penetration Testing services tailored to meet your specific requirements. From internal network penetration testing to web application pen testing, we have you covered.

Cyber Awareness Programme

Our Cyber-Awareness Programme is here to help gain control of human-risk, improve your cyber-maturity, and build a security culture which is ingrained into the ethos of your company.

The Cyber Essentials Scheme

As a long-established assessor, Equilibrium can help you achieve Cyber Essentials, strengthen your security measures, & demonstrate to your customers that you are following best practice.

Cyber Security Consultancy

We’re your guiding star on your path to cyber resilience. Our team provide the advice you need to kick-start your security plans and transform your approach to Cyber Security.

Cyber Security Managed Service

Cyber Security doesn’t need to keep you up at night. Our team is on-hand to offer their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to support you and your business.

Brand Monitoring & Protection

Gain control of your brand assets online.Our Brand Monitoring and Protection service is here to detect brand attacks early, before significant damage is done to your online reputation.

Cartoon hand showing expert tools in cyber security

Why do our customers choose Equilibrium?

Strengthen your Strategy

Our specialist knowledge can help you supercharge your existing Cyber Security strategy.

Build Cyber Awareness

We empower your team to become an active part of protecting your brand from cyber-risks.

Identify security gaps

We shine a light on security blind spots and mitigate harmful gaps which leave you in the lurch. 

Follow best practice

Tap into our wealth of Cyber Security knowledge to help your business remain compliant.

How can we help?

At Equilibrium Security, we believe that risking your business’s security to save a few pennies is not worth it. As a dedicated Cyber Security specialist, we understand that ever-evolving cyber threats require in-depth knowledge and expertise to handle effectively.

Partnering with us means equipping your business with the latest tools and techniques to ensure its safety. We aim to safeguard your business’s future by providing top-notch Cyber Security services and enabling your business to flourish without any security concerns.

Don’t compromise on the security of your business. Choose Equilibrium Security as your trusted Cyber Security specialist.

Ready to achieve your security goals? We’re at your service.

Whether you are a CISO, an IT Director or a business owner, Equilibrium has the expertise to help you shape and deliver your security strategy.