AWS Penetration Testing

Penetration testing in AWS, also known as AWS penetration testing, is a systematic process of probing for vulnerabilities in the applications and infrastructure hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s a simulated cyber-attack where the pen tester uses the techniques of real-world hackers to unearth any potential security loopholes. 

Who Benefits from AWS Pen Testing?

Organisations of all sizes and from all sectors that utilise AWS for hosting applications or storing data can benefit from AWS penetration testing. Regardless of whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, if you have data on AWS, penetration testing is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your data. 

Certified by CREST and Offensive Security, our qualified testers employ real-world hacking techniques to uncover profound insights.

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How is AWS Penetration Testing Carried Out?

1. Planning and reconnaissance

2. Scanning

3. Gaining Access

4. Maintaining access

5. Analysis and Reporting

Focal Areas in AWS Penetration Testing

External Infrastructure of AWS Cloud

The tester examines the externally facing systems and services of your AWS cloud environment for any potential vulnerabilities that a hacker could exploit. 

Applications Hosted on AWS

The applications that you’re hosting or building on your platform need rigorous testing to uncover any potential security flaws within the code or design. 

Internal Infrastructure of AWS Cloud

The internal components of your AWS setup, including database services, storage instances, and virtual networks, are tested for vulnerabilities. 

AWS Configuration Review

AWS services have complex configurations, and even a minor misconfiguration can lead to a significant security risk. Therefore, your AWS configurations should be regularly reviewed and tested. 

Why Choose Equilibrium Security?

Choosing Equilibrium Security for your AWS cloud penetration testing needs comes with multiple benefits. Our pen testers are CREST certified, underlining our adherence to the highest industry standards. 

We offer a range of AWS specific tests including AWS automated penetration testing and AWS security penetration testing, tailoring our approach to your unique organisational needs. We provide actionable insights through detailed reports, enabling you to enhance your cloud security posture. 

With an AWS penetration testing service from Equilibrium Security, you can trust that you are working with experienced professionals who are as committed to your organisation’s security as you are. When it comes to Amazon penetration testing, we stand as a trusted partner for your business. Our team’s expertise, coupled with a comprehensive and methodical approach, make us the ideal choice for your AWS penetration testing needs.