How Much Does Cyber Essentials Cost?

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed Cyber Security accreditation scheme that has been developed to ensure an organisation’s systems and data are secured against a range of online threats. It is the recognised standard when it comes to Cyber Security in the UK, embedding best practices across both the private and public sectors.

Cyber Essentials is a highly desirable scheme for organisations to reduce the risk of costly, sometimes catastrophic, cyber-attacks and other threats. It also provides reassurance for customers, suppliers and partners that your organisation is taking security seriously.

Equilibrium Security are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016.

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How much does Cyber Essentials cost?

If you’re wondering how much the Cyber Essentials certificate costs, then it’s important to remember that this can vary. Much will depend on the size of your organisation and the support you need to achieve certification.

There is no single answer to how much does Cyber Essentials cost. The overall cost is made up of a number of different elements. 

These include:

Application Fees

Self-Assessment vs Assisted Assessment

Certification Level

Recertification Cost

Additional Expenses

Curious About Cyber Essentials In Action? 

Learn how a software development company nailed the security basics with Cyber Essentials, making their continuous security journey easier and more manageable.

How much is Cyber Essentials:
A Rough Guide

Here is what you might expect to pay to achieve Cyber Essential certification with Equilibrium Security:

For a self-assessed Cyber Essentials basic certificate 

*Without remote guidance for certification (where a single submission determines pass or fail, with an added fee for retakes), the prices are:

Pricing for additional guidance through the certification: 

*If you desire guidance throughout the Cyber Essentials process and access to expert advice from a certified consultant, the prices are:

The cost for Cyber Essentials Plus

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Achieve Cyber Essential certification with Equilibrium Security

Equilibrium Security can help your organisation achieve Cyber Essentials certification in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

As one of the few Cyber Essential certification bodies in the Midlands, we have been conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016.

Contact us to find out more about pricing and how we can help your organisation achieve Cyber Essentials certification.

Customer Feedback

Victor Stephenson-Henshaw
Victor Stephenson-Henshaw
Learn Plus Us
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Learn Plus Us recently worked with Jacob and the team at Equilibrium Security to pass our Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. We found them to be extremely supportive and knowledgeable throughout the process. They were always available to answer any questions we had and provided us with the guidance and resources we needed to ensure a successful outcome. We found them to be a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to pass their Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation.
The Institute of Clinical Science and Technology
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I have undertaken my organisations Cyber Essentials Plus certification with Equilibrium for another year recently. It is such a positive experience, straight forward and clear. They have again provided great support and guidance to complete the certification, and as always a level of professionalism and expertise that provides great value to our organisation.
Arif Shah
Arif Shah
Cority Cohort
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Equilibrium Security have been our vendor of choice for Cyber Essentials for the last 4 years. They are always professional, helpful and patient, with lots of good advice on hand to guide us through the process. I can thoroughly recommend their services.