How Many Cyber Essentials Accreditation Bodies Are There?

Cyber Essentials certification is a UK government-backed scheme to improve cybersecurity across the private and public sectors. It forms a pivotal component of the national cybersecurity strategy, assisting organisations in developing robust defences against a range of common online threats. 

By achieving accreditation, an organisation demonstrates that it adheres to cybersecurity best practices.

Cyber Essentials Accreditation Bodies

The IASME Consortium is the accreditation body that administers the Cyber Essentials certification scheme on behalf of the UK Government.

IASME oversee the Cyber Essentials scheme helping to ensure it’s operating as intended, provides valid protection against cyber-attacks, that consistency is being maintained and that any disputes are quickly resolved.

Equilibrium Security are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016.

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What is the role of the Cyber Essentials Accreditation Body?

IASME, the governing body for Cyber Essentials accreditation, plays a pivotal role in overseeing the programme’s management.

They are responsible for defining and maintaining certification standards, accrediting bodies and assessors, providing guidance to aspiring organisations, and continuously improving the Cyber Essentials framework to address evolving Cyber Security challenges.

The key responsibilities of the three accreditation bodies are:

Setting Certification Standards

Accrediting Certification Bodies

Ensuring Consistency & Quality

Handling Disputes & Compliance Issues

Cyber security certification you can trust

As a certification body, Equilibrium Security works with the accreditation body IASME to ensure the highest professional standards are being maintained. 

We ensure that there is consistency across the assessment process and that our clients and the organisations they work with can be confident that high security standards are being met.

We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016. We understand how the scheme operates and its evolving criteria, providing advice and support to help our partners achieve their security objectives.

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