Do certificates have an expiry date?

The Cyber Essential certificate scheme helps to ensure that you have taken adequate security measures to protect your organisation, its data and information against possible cybercrime. The certificate has two levels, Cyber Essentials Basic and Cyber Essentials Plus

What is Cyber Essentials?

The CE Basic certificate is a preliminary stage that involves self-assessment through means of a detailed questionnaire.

Once the questionnaire has been completed and basic certification has been awarded, organisations can then apply for an independent assessment of how well security measures have been implemented and are working. This is called Cyber Essentials Plus.

Techniques such as security testing are used to see how well your Cyber  Security measures stand up to simulated attacks.

If your security measures meet the criteria you will be awarded a Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate. Alternatively, you may receive recommendations about what steps you need to take to meet certification.

Equilibrium Security are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus assessments since 2016.

Why you may need Cyber Essentials certification?

Cyber Essentials certification provides reassurance within your organisation and can help customers, clients and suppliers feel confident that their data will not be at risk. Your certificate can be displayed on your website.

How long does the Cyber Essentials certification last?

After you have completed the Cyber Essentials process and received certification, this will last for 12 months. After that period has ended you will then need to complete the Cyber Essential certificate check again.

The key aspects of Cyber Essentials that will be tested are:

  • Firewalls & Routers
  • Software Updates
  • Malware Protection
  • Access Controls
  • Secure Configuration


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Why choose Equilibrium Security?

Cyber Essentials certification is a trusted way to test the robustness of your Cyber Security measures, providing confidence and reassurance to you and your customers.

Equilibrium Security can help you achieve Cyber Essential Plus certification. By running a series of security tests and carefully managed attacks, we can test the effectiveness of your current security against potential threats.

Should any aspect of your security controls fail, we will provide you with recommendations to bring them up to certification standards.

Contact us to find out more about strengthening your cyber security and achieving Cyber Essentials Certification.