Email Phishing Test For Employees

We build a security culture which is part of your companies’ fabric.

How to protect Your Business from Phishing Attacks?

To safeguard your business from phishing scams, it is crucial to foster a culture centered on robust Cyber Security protocols. Your employees should receive regular training to identify critical fraudulent tactics and suspicious emails.

While phishing attacks may not always be readily discernible, staff should exercise caution when encountering psychological techniques that induce a sense of fear or urgency. They should also exercise prudence before opening email attachments, downloading software, or clicking on links within emails.

Our service empowers you to assess and bolster your workforce through realistic cyber attack simulations, identifying those who may unwittingly interact with the simulated emails.


Did you know that over 70% of computer infections (malware/ransomware) are a result of users introducing the attack onto their computer?

Ready to achieve your security goals? We’re at your service.

Whether you are a CISO, an IT Director or a business owner, Equilibrium has the expertise to help you shape and deliver your security strategy.

Provide the training to create a human firewall

Cyber Awareness

Our digestible Cyber Awareness training provides actionable guidance and engaging training materials, which help put cyber-threats in context.

Employee testing

Test how susceptible your employees are to phishing emails and cyber-risks with our multi-staged attack simulations.

Cyber Security culture change

Help your employees understand how and why they are a target and promote a security-driven mindset which improves over time.

Management reporting

Gain insight into employee learning analysis and development with our in-depth reporting capabilites.


How would it benefit my organisation?

Our process

Step 1

The first stage is to benchmark your users against a 3-phase phishing simulation. Each phase becomes progressively more targeted and plausible. From this we can create a baseline to measure from and to track the continued success of the service.

Step 2

Using our advanced reporting, we will be able to track each user’s ability to spot phishing emails. We will also look at elements like how long users take to instigate the online training and how engaged they are with the process.

Step 3

Dry, humdrum training will be a thing of the past. Our learning programme provides fresh and immersive training to challenge your team to develop. To help put cyber-risks in relatable narratives, our interactive games, quizzes, videos and onsite sessions can be tailored to your business and policies.

Step 4
Measure and improve

We do not stop at training. We analyse the data gathered to establish a tailored development plan which seeks to improve and measure your cyber-maturity over time.

How will this benefit my organisation?


Assess how susceptible your employee’s are to phishing emails and cyber-risks.


Educate your workforce about the risks of cyber-threats, harmful links and attachments.


Prevent your team from compromising the security of your brand.


Measure and develop your levels of cyber-maturity and promote behavioural and culture change.

Why invest in building your cyber-awareness?

Regular phishing simulation tests are a good way to test scam awareness. It is a chance to identify your security weaknesses and test the effectiveness of your employee training in a real-life scenario.

Social engineering penetration tests can be conducted in the form of a simulated phishing attack, an onsite access assessment or a combination of both. Call us on 0121 663 0055 if you would like to discuss strengthening your security posture.

Frequently Asked Questions

As social engineering attacks ramp up in prevalence and sophistication, security awareness training should not be a ‘tick-box’ exercise hosted on an annual basis. To out-pace these cyber-criminals, regular awareness training should be embedded into your corporate-wide procedures for all staff to take part in. It should also be integrated into your new-starter onboarding process. This allows new employees to get up-to-speed on security best practice from the offset.

In our experience, we find that a blend of both face-to-face training, and e-learning sessions produce the highest engagement rate.

E-learning is a great way to regularly reinforce security awareness with fun games, videos and quizzes.

Our onsite sessions are interactive and build on key learning from the online sessions. We encourage your team to voice their concerns and help them put cyber-risks in the context of your business. Face-to-face training is also a good opportunity to take a deep dive into specific areas which you are keen to raise awareness for.

Yes, to the latter! We don’t use off-the-shelf training which has little relevance to your industry, our training packages can be totally customised to your business.

We believe that to achieve the best knowledge retention, the training must be tailored to your business, your unique policies and procedures and the key threats to your industry.