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Test your users security awareness with email phishing simulations.
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How to protect Your Business from Phishing Attacks?

To safeguard your business from phishing scams, it’s vital to foster a strong Cyber Security culture. This involves making sure that everyone is prepared to identify suspicious emails by conducting regular phishing simulation tests.

Phishing simulation companies offer services for cyber attack simulations to help your team defend against phishing risks. Organisations can work with trusted companies to do phishing tests that imitate real threats. This helps see how ready employees are and where they can improve.

How to prevent successful phishing scams:

Did you know that over 70% of computer infections (malware/ransomware) are a result of users introducing the attack onto their computer?

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Whether you are a CISO, an IT Director or a business owner, Equilibrium has the expertise to help you shape and deliver your security strategy.

What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing is a cybercrime where hackers deceive people to get sensitive information through email or text messages. Hackers use deceptive tactics to target both businesses and individuals. They try to trick people into giving away passwords or financial details. They target both businesses and individuals using deceptive techniques.

These fraudulent communications are designed to appear legitimate, but their aim is to illicitly acquire personal or confidential data from unsuspecting victims.

What is a Phishing Simulation?

A phishing simulation is a controlled exercise conducted by Cyber Security organisations to assess the susceptibility of their employees to phishing attacks. Phishing simulation sends fake emails to employees to test their response and awareness without causing harm. Incorporating phishing simulation online enables organisations to conduct these exercises efficiently and remotely, reaching employees regardless of their location or working arrangements.

Phishing simulations help organisations identify weaknesses. They also educate employees about phishing tactics. This helps improve security by increasing employee awareness and readiness to handle cyber threats.

Social engineering tests can include simulated phishing attacks, onsite access assessments, or a mix of both methods. Online phishing simulations test and improve employees’ ability to recognise and respond to phishing attacks in the digital workplace. These simulations are a useful tool for training employees on how to identify and handle phishing attempts. By conducting these simulations, organisations can better prepare their employees to protect sensitive information and prevent cyber threats.

Provide the Phishing Awareness Training to Create a Human Firewall

Phishing Awareness Training

Our user awareness training offers practical guidance and engaging materials to help your team understand the risks of phishing threats.

Employee Phishing testing

Test how susceptible your team  are to phishing emails and the latest phishing scam trends with our multi-staged attack simulations.

Cyber Security culture change

Empower your employees to understand why and how they become targets for phishing attacks, fostering a security-minded approach that improves over time.

Management reporting

Gain comprehensive understanding of employee learning analysis and development through our in-depth reporting capabilities.


The Benefits of a Phishing Simulation Service

Our Phishing Simulation Services

Whether you’re seeking a single phishing attack simulation or an ongoing service to strengthen your Cyber Security against phishing threats, we’ve got you covered. Let us be your partner in safeguarding your organisation from the perils of phishing attacks.

Concerned your employees aren’t up to speed on the latest phishing attacks or worried about vulnerabilities in specific departments?

We can assist you. Our expert phishers create realistic simulated phishing tests, customised to target specific job roles within your organisation.

If you need a one-time test to assess your team’s cyber awareness, we can provide you with a clear picture. Get in touch to learn more about our simulated phishing emails.

 An ongoing phishing simulation service helps keep everyone informed and educated, ensuring your business stays protected.

While a single simulated phishing attack provides a good baseline understanding, a strong security culture is driven through continuous testing.

Our expert phishers craft a range of phishing email attacks, beginning with easy targets to test your low hanging fruit and then progressively advancing to more sophisticated tactics.

Our process

Step 1

When you decide to start your phishing simulation test, the first stage is to benchmark your users against a 3-phase phishing simulation exercise. Each phase becomes progressively more targeted and plausible. From this we can create a baseline to measure from and to track the continued success of the phishing simulation service.

Step 2

Using our advanced reporting, we will be able to track each user’s ability to spot phishing emails. We will also look at elements like how long users take to instigate the online training and how engaged they are with the process.

Step 3

Our learning programme provides fresh and immersive training to challenge your team to develop. To help put cyber-risks in relatable narratives, our interactive games, phishing quizzes, videos and onsite sessions can be tailored to your business and policies. We help protect your business from a phishing attacks through educating, encouraging your team to report phishing attempts, and enforcing policies to block a phishing email when it comes in.

Step 4
Measure and improve

We do not stop at training. We analyse the data gathered to establish a tailored development plan which seeks to improve and measure your cyber-maturity over time. Our aim is to consistently enhance your phishing protection, ensuring your team is equipped with the knowledge to safeguard your business against phishing attacks effectively.

Why Invest in Building Your Cyber-Awareness with Email Phishing Protection?

As cyber threats change, it’s important to focus on phishing awareness to keep your business safe from breaches and losses. Regular simulations and training help staff identify and stop phishing attacks. 

This empowers them with the skills and knowledge needed for cybersecurity. Incorporating a phishing simulation campaign into your Cyber Security strategy is a proactive approach to bolstering your defenses against evolving threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our enhanced phishing protection tests are a good way to test scam awareness. It is a chance to identify your security weaknesses and test the effectiveness of your employee training in a real-life scenario.

You can test your employees’ ability to identify and respond to phishing emails by conducting simulated phishing tests. These tests can show if your employees can spot and handle phishing emails, like spear phishing.

Conducting fake phishing tests, often facilitated by the best phishing simulation simulators, is a way to assess your employees’ readiness to detect and handle fraudulent emails. It allows you to gauge their ability to spot and respond to various types of phishing attacks, such as spear phishing. These simulations provide valuable insights into areas that require improvement and enable you to tailor your training programs accordingly.

It is important to be cautious and aware of these tactics. Always think twice before providing any personal information online. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from falling victim to cyber scams.

Phishing campaign simulations play a vital role in strengthening your Cyber Security protocols. These online phishing simulations serve as simulated scenarios replicating real-life phishing attacks, within a controlled and secure environment. Functioning as training exercises, they enable teams to test their ability to identify and prevent sophisticated phishing attempts.

A phishing attack simulator is an effective tool for strengthening the cyber awareness of your team. Cybercriminals are constantly creating new ways to deceive people into sharing personal information or clicking on harmful links.
It is important to be cautious and aware of these tactics. Always think twice before providing any personal information online. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from falling victim to cyber scams.

Phishing campaign simulations play a vital role in strengthening your Cyber Security protocols. These online phishing simulations serve as simulated scenarios replicating real-life phishing attacks, within a controlled and secure environment. Functioning as training exercises, they enable teams to test their ability to identify and prevent sophisticated phishing attempts.

Yes, we do. We’ve got a range of templates on our phishing simulation platform ready to go, and they can be tweaked to fit different businesses. Some like to stick with what we’ve got, while others have their own unique ideas they want to bring to the table. 

Say for example you have specific wording or a particular topic you want covered, we can adapt our hacker simulator phishing emails. 

Our phisher’s use the best phishing simulation tools to make sure you gain an in-depth analysis of your results and uncover your vulnerabilities. 

Spear phishing is a targeted form of phishing where cyber criminals customise their attacks to specific individuals or organisations.

Spear phishing messages personalise and tailor to the recipient’s interests, role, or relationships, unlike generic phishing emails. This makes them more convincing and increases the likelihood of the recipient falling for the scam. Spear phishing attacks involve gathering information about the target, like their name, job title, colleagues, or recent activities. We use this info to create a convincing email that is tailored to the individual.

Spear phishing tricks people into sharing sensitive information. This can include passwords or financial details. It can also infect their computer with malware.

Learn more about what is a spear phishing attack.

As social engineering attacks increase in number and complexity, security training should not be just a yearly checkmark activity. To stay ahead of cyber-criminals, make sure all staff receive regular training on cybersecurity as part of your company’s procedures. It should also be integrated into your new-starter onboarding process. This allows new employees to get up-to-speed on security best practice from the offset.

Based on our experience, we’ve found that a mix of face-to-face training and e-learning sessions achieves the highest engagement.

E-learning provides an effective way to consistently reinforce phishing awareness through enjoyable games, videos, and quizzes.

Our onsite sessions are interactive and complement the online training, encouraging your team to share concerns and understand cyber risks within your business context. Additionally, face-to-face training allows for a deep dive into specific areas you want to raise awareness about.

Yes, to the latter! We don’t use off-the-shelf training which has little relevance to your industry, our training can be totally customised to your business.

We believe that to achieve the best knowledge retention, the training must be tailored to your business, your unique policies and the key threats to your industry. Our smart phishing simulation examples will show you great insights into how your organisation responds to attacks. These insights serve as the cornerstone for our training programs, ensuring targeted and effective Cyber Security education.

Email phishing is one of the most common forms of a social engineering attack, which is why it’s important to get ahead of and keep your organisation as safe as possible from.

What is an example of a phishing attack? Phishing emails are designed to look like a legitimate email from a credible source. For instance, the bank sends an email to your accounts team stating that someone has leaked or compromised your credit card details.

This instantly ignites emotion from the reader. You want to know more. This is what the hacker wants, they want you to click on a link, scan a QR code, update a password or open an attachment.

When conducting our phishing email simulator we try and incorporate a number of these tactics when creating the phishing emails examples. This way we keep your employees on their toes and it’s not obvious to them that we are conducting a phishing email simulator.