We are your eyes and ears when it comes to cyber-threats.

Let us be concerned about what’s lurking beneath the depths, and identify those hidden threats before they reach the surface. 

CREST Penetration Testing

Whilst you may have all the security bells and whistles, how often are you testing the effectiveness of your strategy?
Your security defences should be like a fortress, but without regular testing of its strength, your protective walls could begin to crumble. 
Our Penetration Testing service is here to identify these weaknesses, before enemy lines gain entry to your stronghold.

Are you concerned that hidden vulnerabilities could be jeopardising your security strategy? Fear not. Our team are on hand to shine a light on all those deep, dark corners of your IT ecosystem.

Ready to achieve your security goals? We’re at your service.

Whether you are a CISO, an IT Director or a business owner, Equilibrium has the expertise to help you shape and deliver your security strategy.

Our Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

We can identify vulnerabilities and insecure functionality in your web applications. API and authenticated testing available.

Internal network Penetration Testing

Using advanced manual testing methods, we can assess security and uncover vulnerabilities in your internal infrastructure.

External network Penetration Testing

Let our team of expert penetration testers assess and test the security of your public information and external-facing assets.

Mobile App Penetration Testing

By discovering security flaws in your mobile applications, you can strengthen your future software development cycle.

Wireless Penetration Testing

We can help you identify, patch and understand the potential impact of wireless infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Social Engineering Penetration Tests

Gain insight into the strength of your social engineering controls with combined phishing and physical access testing.

Why choose us as your penetration testing partner?

Our penetration testing process

Step 1
Scoping phase

Before testing commences, our experts will take time to understand your penetration testing requirement in more detail, define the testing scope and gather the necessary technical information and access required to carry out the test.

Step 2

Using a variety of penetration testing tools our qualified testers will manually assess your systems to identify security weaknesses/vulnerabilities which require patching and remediation.

Step 3
Analysis and exploitation

In this phase we will interpret the results, and (if permitted and approved) exploit any vulnerabilities discovered. This will determine whether a hacker could use the vulnerability as leverage to gain wider access to your systems. However, many customers prefer to patch and remediate, rather than risking the potential service disruption that exploitation could cause.

Step 4
Detailed Penetration Test report

Our experts will analyse the results and present the finding in a comprehensive penetration testing report. This will detail and categorise the vulnerabilities discovered ranked as either ‘Critical, High, Medium, or Low’, as well as outline instructions of how to remediate, patch and strengthen your defences.

Step 5

After remediation, we can retest your systems to check that all patches have been applied and security holes have been mitigated.

Penetration Testing Benefits


Strengthen Security Posture

By pinpointing your weaknesses, we can fortify your fortress. Penetration testing provides the inside scoop on the strength of your security posture.


Contextualising cyber-risks

Would your security defences stand their ground against a ‘real life’ hacking attempt? Our team can put them to the test.


Discover hidden security holes

Our ethical hackers are like computer detectives, we’re experts at analysing your systems and uncovering hard-to-detect vulnerabilities.


Prioritising Security Spending

By identifying gaps in your security defences, you gain the insight needed to spend your security budget wisely.  

How can we help?

Here at Equilibrium, we are CREST-certified ethical penetration testers. The CREST certification is a proven Cyber Security framework which demonstrates that we have up to date knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers.  In order to achieve the CREST certification you must undertake a series of thorough examinations which are assessed and approved by GCHQ and NCSC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a large enterprise or an SME, security weaknesses can develop for any number of reasons across your IT ecosystem.

This could be down to out-of-date-software, security misconfigurations, new applications, or an unprotected BYOD. But if you can discover and remediate these issues before the bad guys do, you will be in a much stronger position to safeguard your brand.

Though some companies conduct pen tests on an ad-hoc basis, we don’t recommend undertaking CREST penetration testing as a one-off activity. To remain cyber-resilient, it’s important to have a proactive approach to tackling emerging threats.

Every day businesses face internal changes to their systems and network. Whether this is opening a new office, deploying a new security solution, installing new hardware or moving to the cloud. Each of these changes has the potential to introduce a security risk which could be exploited by cyber-criminals.

So how can you mitigate this? This is where penetration testing steps in!

Vulnerability scans identify a list of known vulnerabilities in your IT systems, whereas penetration tests involve exploiting security weaknesses to determine whether a hacker would be able to gain access.

Penetration tests are labour intensive and require interaction and analysis from a dedicated security professional. On the other hand, vulnerability scans are typically automated and test for a list of pre-discovered security holes.

Our team of penetration testers are with you every step of the way of your testing journey.

We don’t disappear for days and suddenly emerge with a report, leaving you to pick up the pieces. You can rely on us to be there before, during and after testing. Communication is key to building our strong customer partnerships.

Which is why we never leave you in the dark, provide timely updates on vulnerabilities and actionable guidance to help you remediate against tight timeframes.