Wireless Penetration Testing

Why is it important when it comes to protecting your wireless networks from costly and damaging security breaches?

Wireless networks can be particularly vulnerable to security threats. Unauthorised access can lead to data breaches and the loss of sensitive information. Any kind of security or data breach can be costly for any organisation, so it’s crucial to ensure that you have adequate security to protect against threats.

Wireless penetration testing is used by security specialists to ensure that wireless networks are equipped to resist evolving security threats. 

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What is Wireless Network Penetration Testing?

Wireless penetration testing simulates real-world attack scenarios to identify and exploit any vulnerabilities in wireless networks. It’s carried out by security specialists, with the goal of identifying vulnerabilities, weaknesses and potential security threats.

The testing process will typically include a number of different steps, including:

  1. Network discovery, the testing identifies wireless access points and devices gathers information about the configuration of the network.
  2. The security of wireless access points will be tested, along with the security of connected devices.
  3. Authentication and authorisation mechanisms are examined to identify weak points.
  4. Traffic analysis: Wireless traffic analysis will help to uncover any vulnerabilities in data transmissions.
  5. Exploitation: When vulnerabilities are found, the tester will then attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities to mimic a potential attack.
  6. Report: When the testing process is completed, a detailed report will be generated. This will document what was discovered during the testing process and will include recommendations and suggested improvements to enhance wireless network security.

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Why is Wireless Penetration Testing necessary?

Wireless networks can be susceptible to a growing number of security threats. These can include unauthorised access, eavesdropping, data interception, and denial-of-service attacks.

Wireless penetration testing assists organisations in evaluating the effectiveness of their current wireless security controls and ensures that appropriate measures are put in place to protect sensitive information transmitted over wireless networks.

Should your wireless network security be breached, the consequences can be severe both in terms of costs and reputational damage. If you handle sensitive information, particularly that belong to clients and customers, it’s essential that you ensure it’s protected from security breaches.

How often should Wireless Network Penetration Testing be carried out?

The frequency of conducting wireless network penetration testing depends on various factors, including the organisation’s security requirements, industry regulations, network complexity, and the evolving threat landscape. As general guidance, most organisations will look to carry out wireless network penetration testing at least annually or twice yearly.

Security specialists will be able to advise about the most appropriate testing schedule for your organisation.

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Wireless Network Penetration Testing from Equilibrium Security

At Equilibrium Security, we can help ensure that your wireless networks are secure and protected from external threats. As your partner in Cyber Security, you can stay ahead of developing threats.

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