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OWASP Top 10 API: The Evolution of API Threats

If you’re tasked with leading the security testing for your organisation’s web applications, you’re probably well-acquainted with the OWASP Top 10. But have you updated yourself with the latest 2023 changes to the OWASP API Top 10?

In this blog, we’ll explore what’s new and what it means for your business.

What is the difference between the OWASP top 10 and the OWASP API Security Top 10?

The OWASP Top 10 and OWASP API Top 10 are lists created by OWASP. They identify security risks and vulnerabilities for web applications and APIs. They update the two lists separately to reflect the evolving threat landscape in their domains.

The OWASP API Top 10 identifies vulnerabilities that are unique to APIs. These vulnerabilities may not be as critical for traditional web applications. However, there are some similarities between the two.

The OWASP Top 10 lists the most important security risks for web applications to help people understand potential threats. It provides a broad consensus on the most common and impactful vulnerabilities that developers and organisations should prioritise addressing in their web applications. The latest version is the OWASP Top 10 2021.

The OWASP API Top 10 is a list that focuses on security risks and vulnerabilities related to APIs. APIs are crucial in modern software. However, they introduce new security concerns. Traditional web application security guidelines such as OWASP Top 10 do not cover these concerns in depth.

Why are API’s a target for cyber-attacks?

APIs have evolved from expensive and complex systems to easy-to-use tools that companies can quickly deploy. This has allowed applications from anywhere in the world to connect effortlessly.

However, this openness that makes APIs so valuable also makes them a target for cyber-attacks. Malware can use APIs to access data from a corporate system. Hackers have created many tools to manipulate APIs, leading to serious security breaches.

Using simple API commands like “GET” requests to quickly get data from databases, a technique called “screen scraping.”

What are the updated OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities in 2023?

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How you can this follow API security best practice:

Now that we’ve unpacked what it is and the updates, you’re probably keen to see how to apply API OWASP best practices to tighten your app’s security. Following the OWASP Top 10 is important for changing your organisation’s software development culture. This helps ensure that secure code is consistently delivered.

Secure Your Future: Mastering API Security with OWASP

APIs are important for your business. Securing them is not just about technology, it’s a key business strategy.

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