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About Equilibrium

Equilibrium Security Services are Cyber Security specialists headquartered in the heart of Birmingham's Business District.

The story of Equilibrium, meet our MD Anish Chauhan.

I have worked in the security industry now for over 20 years, so it is safe to say that I live and breathe Cyber Security.Anish Chauhan

I set up Equilibrium Security in 2012 with the aim of protecting a business’ most valuable asset: its data. I have worked in the security industry now for over 20 years, so it is safe to say that I live and breathe Cyber Security.

After working for a general I.T provider for a long time, I could see that the industry was lacking companies which had the expertise to focus specifically on Cyber Security. I saw the gap in the market as a business opportunity, so I took the plunge and Equilibrium Security was born. I have never looked back!

Here at Equilibrium our culture is everything and we pride ourselves on our transparency and honesty. We currently have an excellent team but have plans to take on expand our technical and sales departments within the next year.

We are now in our 10th year of trading and have doubled our revenue year on year. I am always striving for constant growth and my aim is to make Equilibrium a name synonymous with Cyber Security nationwide.

Definition of Equilibrium:

'Equilibrium is a calm mental state or a feeling of intellectual balance and composure. It also symbolises a balance between several different influences or aspects of a situation. It is a stable condition in which opposing forces cancel one another and no changes occur.'

Meet the team

Nick Creed

Senior Network Engineer

In a nutshell, Nick is the Equilibrium ‘problem solver’. If there is complex technical issue which needs to be resolved, he is your man! On the weekends, you will find him cycling (BMX, road and MTB) or in the fast lane at track days. Nick gets great satisfaction from implementing a solution that goes above and beyond expectations.

Jacob Ward

Cyber Security Engineer

Jacob takes an active role in the implementation, testing and maintenance of our customers security architectures. His hobbies include gaming, baking and horticulture. As the cyber-threat landscape is ever-changing – Jacob most appreciates Equilibrium's strong focus on continuous professional development.


Neil Buckley

Cyber Security Consultant

Neil's’ role is to understand organisations and their ever evolving Cyber Security challenges. He has worked in the industry for over 5 years, and he loves the ever evolving nature of cyber! Neil enjoys being able to understand how organisations approach Cyber Security by supporting them in protecting their users and data.


Will Tams

Business Development Manager

Will’s role is to find the right solutions to help protect organisations from cyber threats whether that is security testing, solution implementation or simply advice. He has worked in the industry for 17 years, but Cyber Security is the area of IT that really brings out the geeky kid in him! Will enjoys being able to make a real difference by helping companies protect themselves from developing threats.


Amelia Frizzell

Marketing and Projects Executive

Amelia heads up the Marketing team and Project Office. She currently specialises in SEO, blog writing, social media and website design. Outside of work, she loves exploring the independent restaurants around Birmingham. Amelia enjoys working in an environment where you are encouraged to share ideas and get involved in the research and development of new and innovative services.


Our mission is to build lasting partnerships with clients to strengthen security defences, minimise cyber-risk and ensure your brand remains protected from the constantly evolving threat-landscape.

Our vision is to be the UK's most esteemed and trusted security partner, who help to create a strong Cyber Security culture which is part of your company's fabric, through a friendly, dependable and responsive approach to mitigating risks.

Why choose Equilibrium

As security experts with over 20 years’ experience,  we have a proven track record of safeguarding businesses of all industries and sizes. Over the years, we have implemented multi-layered Cyber Security strategies for large NHS trusts, SME’s, financial organisations, government bodies and legal firms.

Our security consultants are all highly qualified experts who are certified to the highest professional standards (such as CCNP, OSCP and CREST).  As a specialist security provider in the industry, we value the importance of working with best-of-breed security vendors. 

Here at Equilibrium, are Cisco Security Partners with an Advanced Security CertificationSplunk PartnersCREST Certified Penetration Testers and one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. As credible and highly qualified security experts, we are very well placed to offer support for all Cyber Security needs.  

If you would like to find out more about our pricing plans or how we can help your organisation reduce cyber-risk, please register your details below or call us on 0121 663 0055.

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