Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco DUO Multi-Factor Authentication


Verify users' identities, gain visibility into every device, and enforce adaptive policies to secure access to every application.

What is Duo Mobile 2FA?

Cisco Duo Security is the only multi-factor authentication app which your business needs. Duo mobile is a user friendly and effective application which can seamlessly identify user identity by sending push notifications to mobile devices. This authentication method greatly reduces the risk of phishing and identity-based cyber-attacks. Cisco Duo is far more than just an authentication app. You can gain visibility into each device, enforce tailored policies to suit your business needs and ensure illegitimate users are not able to gain access to business critical data.

What authentication methods are available with Cisco Duo?

Duo push Secure Two-Factor Authentication

With Duo Push your users can quickly authenticate using an app on their mobiles. A push notification is sent through, just tap “approve” and you’re in. It is that simple. As Cyber Security experts, we strongly advise using this method as your second factor. This 2-factor verification method is far more secure as it can protect against middle man cyber breaches. Duo Push helps to eliminate attacks which aim to steal one-time passwords and authentication codes.

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  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)

    This method involves tapping a USB device after entering your password to allow the user to securely access applications. The device safeguards private keys with a tamper-proof secure element (SE).

  • Phone Callback

    For offline users or those without a smart device, Duo also allows you to verify your identity over the phone. They will call your mobile or landline, you answer ‘yes’ and press the specified key to quickly authenticate.


    Duo 2 factor also uses HOTP to generate one-time codes and the use of compatible hardware tokens to grant access to business applications. Duo can also generate event-based passcodes that are only valid until they have been used.

Duo’s Trusted Access solution provides three key benefits to help meet PCI DSS requirements:
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Cisco Duo 2FA: The simplest, most effective way to make sure users are really who they say they are.

What are the capabilities and benefits of using Cisco Duo 2fa?

  • Endpoint visibility

    Duo security 2 factor authentication allows you to verify that your users meet specified security protocols before they can access business-critical applications and sensitive data.

  • Adaptive Authentication & Policy Enforcement

    Duo security Cisco allows you to create tailored contextual policies which can grant or stop access attempts on a user or device basis.

  • Application integrations

    Cisco Duo security can integrate with a whole host of applications such as Office 365, Wordpress, Lastpass, Confluence and many more!

  • Remote Access & Single Sign-On

    With Duo you can seamlessly secure access to applications whether you are in the office or working from home, on any device, even without a VPN.

  • Gain Trust in Your Users

    You can have confidence in the identity of users on your network with Duo's strong two-factor authentication software. Duo is the best 2 factor authentication product as it helps to reduce the risk of attackers intercepting passwords or unique codes.

  • Set & Enforce Adaptive User Policies

    Duo 2 factor verification allows you to enforce fine-grained policies to grant or block access based on a user’s location, device hygiene, network or internal team. This means you can grant or block access based on whether the device is updated and has security software installed as well as many other factors such as whether a mobile phone has a passcode, it is very flexible!

  • Two-factor authentication methods (2FA)

    Duo offers a range of authentication methods that fit the unique needs of all users within a business. It considers every login scenario that may occur, for instance those who are offline or only need temporary access to applications.

  • Duo brings an extra layer of security

    Duo 2 factor helps to safeguard businesses from social engineering and password brute-force attacks. It also helps to protect your login from hackers exploiting weak or stolen passwords.

Cisco Duo report 2018: Duo analysed user behaviour and the security of over 10.7 million devices and nearly half a billion authentications per month. During this time they found that 90% of androids do not run up-to-date software.
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