Cyber Breach Readiness and Investigation

Cyber Breach Readiness and Investigation

How confident are you that you can meet the GDPR mandate

for reporting a breach within 72 hours?

  • Would you like to investigate the cause of a security breach and identify gaps in your protection?

    When you have been breached it is unlikely that you will know all the relevant facts straight away. Therefore, you must carry out a thorough investigation so that you can respond appropriately and effectively.

  • Have you been breached and are unsure what security measures to put in place?

    Often during the aftermath of a breach, rash decisions are made as organisations are thrown into panic. As security experts we can help you to implement the necessary controls and policies and to formulate a comprehensive containment plan.

  • With GDPR now in full force, would you know how to report on a breach within 72 hours?

    We can help you understand the potential risks you face and the steps you should take to mitigate them. It is important to build an incident response plan to help you prepare for every eventuality, this way you waste no time when reporting a breach to the ICO.

The ICO: "In light of recent timescales for reporting a breach- it is important to have robust breach protection, investigation an internal reporting procedures in place"

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Why is it important to investigate a security breach?

There are two types of organisations, those who have been breached and then those who do not know that they have been breached. Security incidents happen every day to all kinds of organisations and industries. No business large or small are safe from Cyber Security threats and data breaches. To avoid a catastrophic cyber-attack organisations must be prepared for the worst case scenario. How thoroughly you respond to a breach can often mean the difference between a minor disruption and completely going out of business.

Often companies fail to look beneath the surface, hoping that a simple review of their security will solve the problem. Unfortunately this leaves many already vulnerable businesses open to more attacks. To avoid further downtime and disruption, it is important to conduct a cyber threat assessment and investigation. This will help identify how the malware entered the network, what devices it has affected and where your gaps in protection are. If you are unprepared, you may not be able to meet the GDPR mandate of reporting a breach within 72 hours.

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How can Equilibrium help?

Here at Equilibrium we are a Cyber Essentials Certification body, CREST certified penetration testers and Cisco Premier Partners with an Advanced Security Accreditation. As credible and highly qualified security experts, we are very well placed to offer both post-breach support and step by step guidance on how to build a stringent incident response plan.

  • Carry out a thorough post-breach investigation

    To avoid another security incident it is essential to carry out a thorough investigation, this will help you understand how the breach happened and the severity of its impact. We can build a plan to help identify the perpetrator, identify the root cause, scope and contain the situation and design strategies to mitigate any vulnerabilities found.

  • Build a comprehensive incident response plan

    We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your systems and assets so that we can build a stringent disaster recovery plan. Working alongside you, we will implement tailored policies and procedures and impart crucial knowledge and skills so that you can instantly respond in the event of a data breach.

  • Cyber threat intelligence- Prevent, detect, respond.

    Effective ‘Breach readiness’ should go far beyond just prevention. Undoubtedly prevention is still highly important. However, organisations need to have technology that can quickly detect, contain, and remediate malware that evades security defenses. Our Cyber Security experts will evaluate the security measures you have in place and immediately deploy the needed technologies into the environment. To speed the remediation of a hack we will ensure that you are protected from the first and last line of defence.

  • CREST accredited penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

    CREST penetration tests help determine weaknesses in your security defences which may allow unsolicited access to software, hardware and applications. Regular network penetration testing not only improves your overall security posture, it is also a vital component to any effective cyber risk management strategy

  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certification

    Cyber Essentials Plus is a government backed scheme which requires organisations to have a number of technical and procedural controls in place to improve their information security and mitigate common internet-borne cyber-attacks. A series of tests are then carried out to provide a further level of assurance that these technical controls have been successfully implemented within an organisation. As a certification body we can work alongside you whilst achieving the certification.

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Why is it important to have a proactive cyber defence strategy?

The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing and new strains of malware are being developed and distributed on a daily basis. Therefore, no matter how sophisticated your security defences are, there is always a possibility that a bad actor may infiltrate your systems. Some of the most common cyber breaches include phishing,  ransomware and malware attacks. Recent statistics have shown that a shocking 7 in 10 businesses in the UK have suffered a cyber-attack. Cyber criminals conduct attacks for many reasons. These include: stealing financial information, holding a company to ransom, hacking to bring down a competitors site, stealing sensitive information to sell on the dark web or a political motive.

But why have so many businesses fallen victim? This may be down to not seeing cyber security investment as a business priority, inadequate Cyber Security awareness training for staff or lack of security solutions which offer cyber threat analytics. In order to keep your business safe from these network security threats you must have a proactive approach to tackling them. This should involve implementing solutions like Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Duo 2fa, AMP for Endpoint and Cisco ISE which all have state of the art security threat analysis capabilities.

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