How can small businesses become less prone to cyber-attacks?

What are some of the main steps a small business can take to become less prone to cyber-attacks?

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

When it comes to cyber threats for small businesses there is no company which is too small to be devastated. In fact, SMB’s are facing increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks from bad actors. As the magnitude and cost of these attacks continues to rise, small business computer security needs to be a top priority. Small business cyber-attacks can not only cause huge damage to reputation, it can also result in loss of critical assets and costs to fix the damage caused. To put it plainly, if these threats to small businesses are not combatted effectively, your business could be at risk of going into administration. Click here to find out more about the Cyber Security challenges SME's face.

  • Having a Cyber Security plan - IT security policies for small businesses should incorporate: regular staff training, technology/security appliances for small businesses and an incident response plan.
  • After a breach act fast - To reduce down time and damage you must know: who to contact, how to identify the threat and how it can be mitigated. We can work alongside SME's to help build a stringent incident response plan. This will help you understand the potential risks you face and the steps you should take to remediate vulnerabilities. 
  • Use safe passwords - SME's should encourage employees to create complex passwords. It is important that they are updated frequently and are not used for multiple accounts, it would be beneficial to implement a password manager and two factor authentication for each user.
  • Cisco small business firewall and SMB security controls - This can prevent and alert you if malicious software is attempting to enter your network.
  • IT security solutions for small businesses- 

    Having an effective security strategy should always involve having multiple layers of security defenses. Cisco offer some of the best small business network security appliances as they have in-built threat intelligence capabilities. The Cisco Security products are constantly updated with the latest intelligence by their threat researching team: Talos.

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