Phishing Simulation

Phishing Awareness Programme

Are any of the below statements relevant to your business:

  • Are you concerned about your employee’s clicking on links within emails that could be malicious?
  • Do you want to educate your workforce to recognise cyber threats?
  • Would you like to improve IT security and maintain cyber security awareness?


Did you know that over 70% of computer infections (malware/ransomware) are a result of users introducing the attack onto their computer

Service Outline

This service allows you to put your employee’s to the test by simulating realistic cyber attacks and tracking those that click on the simulation email.

Utilise a variety of customisable email templates appearing to be from well known brands such as Cisco and Amazon to identify employee’s who fall for a mock attack

Informative Training

Redirect users to training sources such as: videos, interactive quizzes and informative sites to help teach employees about phishing after clicking on a link from the phishing email

Management Reporting

Reporting to view which employee’s clicked on links or provided credentials in a phishing simulation to help target awareness training to the people who need it

How would it benefit my organisation?
  • Assess – How susceptible your employee’s are to actual phishing emails
  • Educate – Your workforce to the risks of harmful links and attachments
  • Prevent – Employee’s from compromising your business data
Why Choose Equilibrium?
  • Specialist – We only focus on Cyber Security and will tailor solutions to our customers needs
  • Independent – We recommend the right solution and are not beholden to vendors
  • Experts – That have the ability to provide awareness training and recommendations to improve the security infrastructure

Protect your business from phishing scams

To protect your business against phishing attacks, it is important to promote a culture which is built around strong Cyber Security protocols. Your employees need to be regularly trained to recognise key fraudulent tactics and suspicious emails. Although phishing attacks are not always easy to spot, staff should be suspicious of psychological methods which provokes a state of fear or urgency. They also need to be cautious before opening email attachments, downloading software or clicking on links in emails.

Regular phishing simulation tests are a good way to test scam awareness. It is a chance to identify your security weaknesses and test the effectiveness of your employee training in a real-life scenario. Social engineering penetration tests can be conducted in the form of a simulated phishing attack, an onsite access assessment or a combination of both. Call us on 0121 663 0055 if you would like to discuss strengthening your security posture.

Let us handle your security!

Here at Equilibrium Security we are dedicated to providing businesses with security best matched to their needs. Reduce the threat of phishing attacks by enrolling your team on this practical staff awareness course today.