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Anish’s 2014 round up:

Well here we are again at the start of another year! For the first year I really think that our capital city rivalled Australia for the New Year Firework display. We have a lot to look forward to in 2015 but before that a quick round up on the year just gone. Equilibrium Security is now in our 3rd year and what a great couple of years we’ve had.  It has made me stop and think about a few things like:

Why I started Equilibrium?

  • Flexibility to spend more time with my wife & daughters
  • Opportunity to get involved in some of the more cutting edge technologies – I am after all a techie at heart
  • Not to get all John Lennon about it but it was to deliver a much more customer-focused service

All too often I saw companies claiming to be all things to all people and security simply cannot be treated in that way. So by being completely 100% security focused we were able to deliver on all of our promises and even flex our security expertise muscles now and again too!

So how did we do with regards to meeting the ambitions of Equilibrium? I’m not sure that my children will completely agree that I’m spending that much more time with them but the excitement of Equilibrium Security is shared by everyone in my family and as my kids only seem to really remember what happened in the last 24 hours,  as long as I give them a treat when I’ve been working long hours then they’re usually happy. We’ve definitely had our share of the exciting technology advancements & projects and whilst the challenges of delivering ‘bleeding edge’ projects continue to exist, we’ve delivered 100% success on everything we’ve undertaken over the last 2 years. How many companies can say that?

2015 & Beyond

Over the next year we’ve got some very exciting things happening, including rebranding, events, webinars and much much more. As I’m sure many are aware we’ve recently moved into our new offices in Brindley Place, Gemma Beardmore has joined us as our Head of Marketing & Sales, we’re working very closely with both Cisco and Check Point to develop our new services and we’re growing the number of customers that truly see the exceptional service we can deliver.

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