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An Introduction to Azure Penetration Testing: Safeguarding Apps

Utilising Azure brings forth substantial benefits to enterprises, granting them a streamlined mechanism to host and build applications. This convenience sidesteps the often laborious task of purchasing and setting up physical servers.

However, it’s crucial to not overlook a fundamental aspect: ensuring rigorous web application security remains paramount. Microsoft Azure penetration testing for applications, must be at the forefront of security strategies.

While Microsoft doesn’t undertake this testing on behalf of users, they do emphasise its significance. Ensuring the security of your applications in Azure not only protects your individual assets but also bolsters the resilience and trustworthiness of the broader Azure platform.

What are Azure hosted applications: Does it need Azure Cloud penetration testing?

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing service that offers a wide array of services and platforms to its users. When we talk about “hosted platforms” within Azure, we’re referring to services and environments where users can deploy, manage, and run applications or systems.

Microsoft Azure hosted applications, are widely adopted by corporate companies.

Azure penetration testing has emerged as a critical practice to safeguard your Azure applications. This comprehensive approach is essential for bolstering security in your corporate apps and API’s.

What is Azure hosted application Penetration Testing?

Ensuring the security of your Azure cloud apps is paramount. Azure penetration testing is a systematic approach to identifying and mitigating OWASP vulnerabilities within your Azure hosted service.

This methodology involves a thorough assessment of the security of your code, to ensure you’re following Azure security best practices.

Whether you’re actively developing cloud-native applications within Azure, or conducting annual Azure penetration tests for compliance purposes, penetration testing your Microsoft Azure applications is a crucial step in protecting your service.

Do I need to get Azure Penetration Testing approval from Microsoft? 

Starting from June 15, 2017, Microsoft has eliminated the need for pre-approval to carry out a penetration test on Azure hosted applications. This requirement only pertains to Microsoft Azure and does not apply to any other Microsoft Cloud Service.

Although it is no longer mandatory to inform Microsoft about pen testing activities, customers must still adhere to the Microsoft Cloud Unified Penetration Testing Rules of Engagement.

What are the common security risks for Azure hosted applications?

Azure security penetration testing for hosted applications: Is it worth the investment?

Securing your Azure cloud applications is a must. As a Cyber Security decision-maker, you know the challenges of securing applications and why cyber-criminals target them.

Recognising the shared responsibility model in cloud security is crucial. While cloud providers handle physical infrastructure security, your organisation is responsible for ensuring your apps are tested for vulnerabilities, and follow industry best practice for developing and maintaining secure applications.

Microsoft recommends:

  • Vulnerability Testing: Conducting comprehensive tests on your endpoints to identify potential vulnerabilities, particularly those listed in the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top 10.
  • Fuzz testing and port scanning of your endpoints. These approaches can provide insight into potential weaknesses and security gaps that might be exploited by malicious actors.
  • Configuration reviews to ensure you are following the Microsoft cloud security benchmark for secure app configuration.

Penetration testing and configuration assessments for Azure hosted applications isn’t just valuable—it’s essential for any security-first organisations using Azure cloud application services.

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