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Behind the scenes at Equilibrium: Part III

Welcome to our third instalment into what goes on behind the scenes here at Equilibrium. The blog highlights some of the key projects that we have delivered over the past few weeks.

We have been fairly flat out over the past few weeks with both ongoing projects and new customer engagements.

A couple of our engineers have been on-site at a datacentre racking some new devices prior to a solution implementation in the coming weeks. The devices were McAfee IPS Sensors and there were 7 of them and 2 fail-over switches. These were very large devices and required a whole new rack to be installed to fit them. The pictures below do not do it justice when we say they were very heavy! They were over 20kg each and quite long (hence the new rack) which made it quite difficult to move them around and position them into the rack. Especially when we chose to pick the same day to install as the day where the “Scissor-Lifts” were being serviced!

It seems like our world has been absorbed by Check Point over the past few weeks. One of our projects involved upgrading a  Check Point estate for a large healthcare provider. Due to the nature of the upgrade, this had to be done outsite of business hours so it was an all-nighter for some of the team! The upgrade didn’t go as smoothly as planned as we encountered an undocumented Check Point bug, but credit to Check Point, their support team fixed the bug very quickly and we got the client back up and running before the start of the working day.

Another project involved implementing a Data Loss Prevention solution for a large financial company. After a few meetings where we analysed the pros and cons of each solution, we finally selected a Check Point DLP solution for the client. This was mainly because the customer already had a Check Point presence in the environment so it was decided this would be the best solution for them to administer going forward.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of an insight into the kind of work we do. If you would like to read about more of our previous customer projects then please visit our previous behind the scences blogs.


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