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Equilibrium “ignite” relationship with Cisco

Cisco & Comstor select Equilibrium to be part of their award winning globally recognised Mentor Program

As a company we have taken the decision to specialise in a specific area of the IT industry cyber security. The cyber security industry is a rapidly growing industry that is set to double in size to a massive £100bn by 2019. As a business we feel it as an area where our expertise can add a lot of value to businesses.

As a specialist provider in the industry we value the importance of working with best in class security vendors. We believe that obtaining accreditations demonstrates to our customers that we are endorsed by the vendors and reinforces that we are the right company to work with for any security requirements.

How Equilibrium have ‘ignited’ our relationship with Cisco?

It is evident that Cisco recognised the growth potential of the security market with their 2013 acquisition of Sourcefire. It is now one of their core focus areas as a business alongside Datacentre and Mobility. Going forward, Cisco is investing in partners that they feel will be strong advocates of their brand and principles. Jay McDonald Comstor Security Architectural Lead felt that our professionalism, attitude and aptitude stood out” for him and that we have the ability to understand our customer requirements and our “knowledge and expertise shine through”.

We are extremely proud to announce that we have been selected by Cisco & Comstor to join their prestigious global award winning mentor program . Only a handful of Cisco accredited companies are asked to join this elite program each year out of thousands of Cisco partners. We have expectations of big things from Equilibrium and so this was a reason we invited them to our Mentor program so that we can assist with hopefully realising potential.” (Jay McDonald: Comstor).

Anish Chauhan Equilibrium’s Managing Director “sees this as a huge endorsement into what we are delivering as a business as partners are only asked by Cisco to join the program if they see real value and potential”. Previous IT Service companies that have taken part have subsequently become multi-million pound award winning businesses – so watch this space!

As a business, Equilibrium has decided to focus and invest in strategic vendors such as Cisco. In 2015 we have:

  • Become one of only three Cisco partners to obtain the Cisco NGFW Express Security Specialisation.
  • Joined the Cisco ‘Ignite’ program that will enable us to offer our customers more competitively priced solution offerings
  • Decided to go for our Premier Certification

Equilibrium is really excited about the year ahead and how our partnership with Cisco will help to grow our business and, most importantly, support our customers with all of their security needs.

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