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Is it safe to outsource Cyber Security to a third-party?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by staying ahead of the latest threats, and protecting your brand from security breaches? You’re not alone.

With ever-evolving threats to contend with, many businesses struggle to handle security in-house. As security becomes more complex and time-consuming, some firms consider outsourcing security to a third-party supplier.

But is this safe, and who can be trusted with the ‘keys to your kingdom’?

What does security outsourcing mean?

Cyber Security outsourcing means engaging a third-party company to manage some or all of your security operations. They are often highly skilled and provide a specialist service which would be expensive and difficult to replicate in-house.

It doesn’t need to be an all or nothing approach. Third parties can work alongside your existing teams to strengthen your weak areas and build upon your existing strategy.

Services can range from:

According to a Deloitte survey, 99% of organisations outsource at least some part of their security.

Due to the growing complexity of addressing Cyber Security concerns, many firms are outsourcing services. It is difficult to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and create a secure architecture without expert security knowledge.

How to choose a supplier you can trust

It is possible to successfully outsource your Cyber Security function. But first you must verify suitability and build trust.

If you do your due diligence and ensure their skillset matches your needs, outsourcing security is perfectly safe. A specialist partner will have experience of responding to cyber-threats every day. This experience brings knowledge and expertise you can’t match.

Considering outsourcing your security? Here are our top 3 tips for choosing a supplier you can trust.

1. Do they specialise in Cyber Security?

Before engaging a supplier, be sure to check they are out-and-out Cyber Security specialists. Many IT generalist companies are adding ‘bolt-on’ Cyber Security services. But IT expertise is not security expertise.

IT MSPs usually lack the knowledge to tackle security threats, solve difficult security problems, and secure your systems.

Find out:

  • Do they have a dedicated team of security experts in-house?
  • Is this simply an upsell opportunity which will fall short of expectations, and leave your systems vulnerable?

2. Do they have the knowledge and expertise you need?

Before choosing a Cyber Security partner, do your homework on their team.

Find out:

  • Are they highly qualified: what certifications do they have?
  • Do they have real-world, hands-on expertise?
  • Cyber Security covers many different areas and disciplines, what skillsets do they have? Identify the most crucial areas for your needs and ensure they can fulfil your requirements.
  • How do they keep up to date on the latest threats, hacking techniques and understanding attack signals?

Set up a meeting with their security experts. This will help you gauge their level of technical ability, and whether they understand your pain points.

Check their Google reviews and testimonials, what are their customers saying? If you’re looking for further reassurance, request a direct call with a client. Don’t worry, you’re not being excessive! As an extension of your team, you need complete confidence that they’re reliable and trusted.  

3. Are they a product or vendor led company?

Some companies identify as ‘security experts’, but under closer inspection they are heavily driven by a product or security vendor.

Why is this relevant?

  • It’s like fitting a square peg in a round hole. Rather than providing a tailored solution to your issues, they are driven by a different goal of selling a product.
  • There is a reliance on product features rather than human expertise. If you’re in trouble, they may not be able to help due to their lack of expertise beyond the product’s features.

A vendor agnostic security partner can provide objective guidance tailored to your needs. Helping you reduce cyber risk, stay ahead of cyber-attacks and achieve long-term strategic goals.

Top 6 benefits of outsourcing Cyber Security

Here are the top 6 reasons outsourcing Cyber Security makes sense.

1. Reduce cost: Hiring an in-house team is a costly affair. From recruitment fees to six figure salaries, and training once they are hired. Security experts don’t come cheap. Outsourcing is a more affordable option which can be shaped to your security requirements and budget.

2. Save time and hassle: Due to the industry skills shortage, finding highly skilled security experts is not easy. Outsourcing takes away this challenge. You can immediately access the expertise you need to strengthen defences and deliver pressing security projects.

3. A wealth of experience: By outsourcing, you can access a broad range of security knowledge from top experts around the globe. If you choose the right supplier, they will have a deep understanding of the changing threat landscape. By letting them take the lead with strategic guidance, overcoming security challenges will be a breeze!

4. IT can regain focus: Many firms rely on IT to manage their infrastructure, and Cyber Security. This can be an overwhelming task which results in poor security and overworked staff. Outsourcing security will take pressure off your IT team. Rather than being pulled away to deal with security issues, they can regain focus on their core role.

5. Stability and continuity: The average period CISO’s remain in a position is 26 months. A Cyber Security partner is unaffected by career changes, they can deliver an uninterrupted service.

6. Quicker path to cyber-maturity: You can reach your strategic goals faster by working with an experienced company.

Do you feel confident about your in-house security capability?

Despite the many benefits to Cyber Security outsourcing, it’s a serious decision which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before choosing a supplier, follow a rigorous selection process to ensure they are legitimate and reliable. It’s also important to understand your needs and if they can match with the team and goals.

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