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The NCSC announce that Iasme will be the sole Cyber Essentials accreditation body from April 2020

The National Cyber Security Centre has recently announced that IASME will take over as the sole accreditation body for Cyber Essentials from April 2020. After a lengthy deliberation process The IASME Consortium Ltd was named as the new Cyber Essentials partner. This decision has been made in a bid to streamline the Cyber Essentials process and improve the consistency of the scheme. By having one accreditation body, the NCSC hope that this will create a much clearer path to achieving the certification  

Here at Equilibrium Security we are one of the few Cyber Essentials Certification bodies within the Midlands. We have been working alongside IASME conducting Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance assessments for the past four years.


Our technical team are all highly qualified security specialists who have been supporting companies throughout the Cyber Essentials process for many years. Cyber Essentials is an excellent certification which outlines the baseline security controls and processes which all businesses should follow. Becoming Cyber Essentials certified is a perfect first step on the road to achieving a much wider Cyber Security strategy. 

“We are extremely happy that IASME are going to be the sole Cyber Essentials Accreditation body, we feel the foundational controls outlined in the scheme are the minimum standard that every business should be adopting. Equilibrium is in a great position to work with businesses to ensure that they are in a position to meet these standards to reduce their risk of becoming victim to cyber attackers”.Anish Chauhan, Director of Equilibrium Security Services
“We are extremely excited about the prospect of working in partnership with the NCSC to develop and grow the Cyber Essentials scheme. We have seen such a positive effect already over the last 5 years where Cyber Essentials has increased the basic levels of security across all sectors. We are so pleased that we can be part of the future developments, working closely with the excellent Certification Bodies, trade bodies, police and other key stakeholders, to ensure further growth of the team.”Dr Emma Philpott, MBE, IASME Chief Executive
Business as usual 

While IASME and the NCSC work on the transition process it is still very much ‘business as usual’ for those companies who are seeking a Cyber Essentials certification. As an existing IASME certification body we are already Cyber Essentials experts and familiar with their current framework. We are a ‘safe pair of hands’ and can give your business the reassurance needed to take you through the Cyber Essentials certification process. If you are considering becoming Cyber Essentials certified, don’t hesitate… call our office on 0121 663 0055 to find out more about the process!  Or head to the NCSC website to find out more about the changes.

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