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Ross Palmer – Short Bio

I am currently on a Placement Year from University. I am studying Forensic Computing (BSc) at Staffordshire University. I am immensely grateful to Equilibrium Security for taking a chance with me and teaching me the ropes of this industry!

Whilst I am studying a Forensic based course, there are elements of Cyber Security, for example, in my second year, I did a module entitled “Ethical Hacking” which covered the basics of hacking, from Intelligence Gathering to Exploitation and Pen-Test report writing.

There was a reason that I chose to come into a job within Cyber Security and not forensics. About 6 months ago, we had a well-respected guest lecturer come in to give a talk, and part of his talk was explaining how there seems to be a lack of employees who can do both Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. The industry was crying out for people who can interact with companies on both sides of the equation and understand what each of them were doing. With security breaches, it usually involves both of these aspects. The Digital Forensics team to figure out how they got in, what was taken, what was changed and what was accessed; and a Cyber Security team to further investigate how they got in and what can be done to prevent further breaches in the future.

I feel pretty confident in terms of my ability to perform forensic investigations, however, I am not as confident when it comes to cyber security. I feel that working in the industry for a year will help me gain the knowledge to make me proficient in both cyber security and digital forensics.
I am especially looking forward to participating in Penetration Testing as this is an area which I enjoy learning more about. And to be honest, I like breaking into things!!! (Legally of course!)
Away from work and academia, I am a keen golfer and try to play at least once a week. I would always be happy to have a meeting on the golf course than in the office!

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