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Say hi to our newest member, Jaime

Read about the newest member of our team, Jaime, in her short blog.

Before joining ESS I worked as a Senior Analyst at Deutsche Bank for 4 years. My role at the Bank was to ensure that all trades completed by the Bank and Clients were reported successfully to the Regulators following on from new regulations introduced to all investments banks in February 2014.

What attracted me to ESS was the ‘security’ element of the business. In all the previous roles I have done from Investment banking to Data protection to Recruitment one common theme throughout all roles was the focus around Client Confidentiality.

I wanted a change in career and found ESS. What attracted me to the company was the focus on Cyber Security and how this was the focus of the company. ESS knows exactly what they are about and therefore are very driven and focused on what they do and deliver services to a high standard. I was ready to work for a company that had this work ethic.

Once I had met the Team I knew I would fit in and have enjoyed my role as Account Services Manager so far.

I feel proud to be a part of a growing company like ESS that has an exciting future ahead and knowing that I will be a part of this.

When I’m not working or am ‘off duty’ from being a mum of 2 girls, I thoroughly enjoy running and keeping fit. I also like relaxing with a good book and cook most days as I find it therapeutic.

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