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Simulated Phishing: Turning Mistakes into Learning

Cyber Security awareness training for employees has become a cornerstone for businesses to protect themselves. Central to this training are simulated attacks.

These simulations, like phishing simulation and physical breach tests, serve as real-world exams, assessing how well a company’s cyber awareness training has prepared its staff.

But there’s a perspective shift that needs to happen: viewing mistakes not as failures but as avenues for growth.

In the wake of a security breach or a lapse during a simulation, it’s easy for a culture of blame to take root. Pointing fingers, singling out individuals, or creating an environment of fear can be counterproductive.

This can lead to concealment of breaches, avoidance of responsibility, and stifle proactive communication.

The Imperative of Cyber Security Awareness in Today’s Workplace

Before we delve into two stories, it’s pivotal to understand why Cyber Security awareness for employees is crucial. 

Employees often serve as the primary line of defence. However, without proper training, they can also become the most vulnerable point of entry.

A single social engineering attack can bypass millions of pounds worth of sophisticated hardware and software protections.

Cyber Security awareness training for employees goes beyond just making them aware of the threats; it’s about building a culture of security.

It’s about ensuring that every team member, from the C-suite to the newest intern, understands the part they play in the broader Cyber Security framework of the organisation.

Example 1: Navigating Through Phishing Fog in a Retail Firm

A retail firm, already feeling the pressure from the competition, faced a new challenge: targeted phishing attempts.

The question arose: how adept were their employees at identifying and deflecting these malicious intents?

To find out, they partnered with a Cyber Security firm specialising in simulated phishing campaigns.

The experts, using social engineering attack techniques, examined the digital footprints of employees. They derived intel on key suppliers and other business-specific information.

With this, they orchestrated a phishing simulator campaign that mimicked real threats the firm could face.

The results?

Several lapses. Passwords were shared, sensitive data leaked, and deceptive links clicked. But instead of pointing fingers, the firm used these outcomes as a basis to improve cyber awareness.

A tailor-made Cyber Security phishing awareness training was designed. This Cyber Security awareness training programme evolved from the findings, ensuring employees were well-equipped against specific threats they were likely to encounter.

Example 2: Unbolting Physical Security Mysteries in an Insurance Firm

Beyond online defences, there’s physical security. An insurance firm, confident in its digital safety, questioned the security of its office. Their cyber awareness training touched on digital threats, but what about real-world threats, like an in person social engineering attack?

To assess this, they engaged a Cyber Security company who specialised in penetration testing and physical breach simulations.

The results?

The experts posed as technicians and vendors, attempting to bypass security. Their findings were startling. They accessed restricted zones, retrieved sensitive documents, and some employees even disclosed passwords.

Yet, these revelations were not met with dread. They became the foundation for a revised Cyber Security Awareness Training for employees. This training emphasised the importance of questioning, even in face-to-face encounters, and fostering a culture of security mindfulness.

Strategies to Enhance Cyber Security Awareness

Looking for a trusted Cyber Security training provider?

Mistakes are inevitable. But in the realm of Cyber Security, these mistakes, if harnessed correctly, become the stepping stones for robust protection.

Through structured Cyber Security awareness email to employees, interactive training modules, and a culture that prioritises learning over blame, businesses can fortify themselves against the ever-evolving threats.

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