North Korean Cyber Attacks

Now that the dust has settled on the North Korea alleged attack on Sony (or maybe not – new information seems to be coming out every other day on this), I thought we should take a little look at how frighteningly quickly a cyber attack was able to be initiated.

Was a team of expert hackers quickly assembled? Was the vast amount of infrastructure required to undertake such an attack setup at a moment’s notice?

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NGFW – Are you being left behind?

The firewall has long been the cornerstone of any organisation’s security infrastructure and even though the additional features that are considered supplementary do change from time to time, the core function of the firewall remains.

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Anish’s 2014 round up:

Well here we are again at the start of another year! For the first year I really think that our capital city rivalled Australia for the New Year Firework display. We have a lot to look forward to in 2015 but before that a quick round up on the year just gone. Equilibrium Security is now in our 3rd year and what a great couple of years we’ve had.  It has made me stop and think about a few things like:

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Moving on up

A friend decided to sing the classic M People song “Moving on Up” to me the other day and it got me thinking that is exactly what Equilibrium Security Services is doing. We have just started our third year of trading and we can boast that we have:

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Palo Alto’s NGFW gets a “caution” rating from NSS labs

Next Generation security firewalls offered by many different vendors were recently tested by an Austin, Texas-based security product testing firm, NSS Labs. These results gained a lot of attention and proved to be controversial, specifically regarding the results of one vendor, that is, Palo Alto Network Inc.’s appliance, which got a “recommended” score last year, and this year got a “caution” rating instead.

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Security failings in broadband routers exposed

Many of you may have heard us waxing lyrical about the potential danger of running your business network behind an “off the shelf” ADSL broadband router. These routers are usually the same routers designed for home use and we have had first-hand experience of the vulnerabilities that these routers exposed your business to. This is primarily because many of the routers just don’t have the capability to conduct “deep inspection” of the Internet traffic coming in and out of your network and so are not capable of spotting the malicious activity. Furthermore because most don’t have the ability to be regularly updated with signature files they’re just not up to the job of dynamically keeping your network protected.

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