The top 5 social engineering cyber-attack methods

Social engineering is the art of tricking employees into revealing sensitive corporate information. Hackers use psychological manipulation and well-researched ‘insider knowledge’ to dupe their victims. These tactics are commonly used to steal sensitive financial data, passwords to corporate accounts or access to devices in order to install malware or keyloggers. When a Cyber Criminal or … Read more

Engineering firm: Securing global workforce with AnyConnect VPN and Firepower 1140

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, businesses have been under huge pressure to quickly implement widespread remote working strategies. Against strict time constraints, IT teams have not only been responsible for keeping users connected, but also ensuring that their strategy complies with strict Cyber Security initiatives. Although many businesses are focused on maintaining productivity, … Read more

Covid-19: How to reduce the risk of the growing attack vector…

Due to the unprecedented impact of Covid-19, businesses have undergone a seismic change in recent weeks as millions are forced to work from home. This shift away from usual practices is a greatly anticipated change for many employees. However, as firms are under immense pressure to quickly implement a remote working strategy, the necessary security … Read more

Could Covid-19 bring your business to a halt?

Ready or not, UK businesses are about to face a sudden remote-working test run. Since Covid-19 first took root in Wuhan China early this year, businesses across the globe have been forced to allow widespread remote working to minimise the risk of contagion. However, many IT teams and business owners are questioning whether their infrastructure … Read more

Closing the ‘cyber-gap’ for SMB’s

Businesses around the globe are rapidly becoming more dependent upon digital technology. This is no longer used to simply function as a business, it also improves efficiency, connects departments and improves customer satisfaction. While this digital boom undoubtedly has its benefits, small businesses are faced with many challenges when it comes to securing their vital … Read more

How to stay safe from cloud security threats

So, what exactly is ‘the cloud’? Unsurprisingly, ‘the cloud’ has absolutely nothing to do with those white fluffy things in the sky. Essentially, the cloud is a way of storing and accessing data on a server separate to your corporate network. To enable the effective running of popular cloud applications like Dropbox, there are often … Read more

How can Cisco Duo help you achieve ISO 27001 compliance?

Having secure, effective password policies across your corporate accounts is more important than ever before. For obvious reasons, cyber-criminals are desperate to get their hands-on passwords as they are the key to open your private accounts. There isn’t a week that goes by that there isn’t another story in the press about a largescale password … Read more