Don’t let hackers steal your Christmas cheer: The top tips for a ‘cyber-safe’ Christmas

Christmas is a time of relaxation, celebrations and…. cyber-crime. Unfortunatley, hackers won’t be putting their feet up this festive period. Bad actors across globe are eagerly preparing for the ‘holiday hacking season’. As online shopping skyrockets and businesses ‘wind-down’ for Christmas, the festive period becomes a real feast for internet criminals.For many businesses, Christmas is … Read more

Hook, line and sinker: Would you fall for these phishing scams?

As the virus began to ravage the world in March this year, there was a sharp increase in the prevalence of phishing attacks. Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic provided new opportunities to exploit hardworking tax-payers. According to Google, phishing scams rose by a whopping 350% in April. Although many of these scams focussed on providing fake … Read more

How to build a remote working strategy which will stand the test of time

Over the past 9 months, home working has become ‘the new normal’ for businesses across the globe. The Office for National Statistics reported that in April 2020, 46.6% of people in the UK worked from home – 86% of those as a result of the lockdown. However, when lockdown was first enforced, many firms had … Read more

Explained: The difference between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

Although there is a crossover between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, they are two very different ways of testing the resilience of your IT infrastructure. The confusion between the two  can become problematic if a business procures the wrong service. If you are unclear about which service your business needs, read on to find out … Read more

Cyber Awareness Month 2020: 9 ways to improve Cyber Security in the Covid-19 era

October may be the season for Halloween, autumnal leaves and cosy jumpers.… but October also marks the 17th National Cyber Security Awareness Month! This awareness campaign acts as a valuable reminder for organisations to evaluate the effectiveness of their Cyber Security controls, internal processes and data protection measures. Here at Equilibrium, we have joined the … Read more

Securing your cloud-first architecture using Stealthwatch Cloud and Cisco SecureX

In recent years, cloud computing has completely redesigned the way we live and work. Whilst businesses were once bound to on-premise infrastructures, the introduction of ‘the cloud’ has meant that firms can access corporate information using any device which is connected to the internet. Cloud architectures are understandably popular as they provide scalable services for … Read more

Email spoofing: Is it time to say no to email impersonation attacks?

Email spoofing is a malicious tactic used by cyber-criminals when conducting phishing attacks. It involves spoofing legitimate email addresses in order to pose as an individual or brand of trust. Cyber-criminals often masquerade as business owners, accounts departments or a person of authority within an organisation. The main aim of these malicious attacks is to … Read more

Cyber Security for the legal sector: Overcoming Cyber Security challenges during the Covid19 crisis and beyond

*This article is due to be published in the July edition of the Birmingham Law Society magazine. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for remote working in the legal industry. Although law firms are known for spending long hours in the office and the need for frequent face-to-face meetings, there has still … Read more

The top 5 social engineering cyber-attack methods

Social engineering is the art of tricking employees into revealing sensitive corporate information. Hackers use psychological manipulation and well-researched ‘insider knowledge’ to dupe their victims. These tactics are commonly used to steal sensitive financial data, passwords to corporate accounts or access to devices in order to install malware or keyloggers. When a Cyber Criminal or … Read more

Engineering firm: Securing global workforce with AnyConnect VPN and Firepower 1140

In the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, businesses have been under huge pressure to quickly implement widespread remote working strategies. Against strict time constraints, IT teams have not only been responsible for keeping users connected, but also ensuring that their strategy complies with strict Cyber Security initiatives. Although many businesses are focused on maintaining productivity, … Read more