Why is Cyber Awareness Training Important?

Staying ahead of the criminals requires a comprehensive and multifaceted approach. As well as robust digital protection, your workplace culture is also critical. Cyber Awareness Training is the means by which organisations can ensure that their entire team understand their individual role in maintaining Cyber Security.

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What is Cyber Awareness Training?

Cyber Awareness Training takes a four-step approach to improve your overall Cyber Security. Through assessment, education, prevention, and improvement, consistent improvements can be made to your organisational security culture.

Phishing simulation tests help to set a benchmark for your organisation’s current level of Cyber Security awareness. These simulated attacks can mimic the way senior leaders communicate. Through this process, areas of weakness are identified and can then be addressed. The results help shape the Cyber Awareness Training.

Why is Cyber Awareness important?

Human beings are often the weakest link in any organisation’s Cyber Security posture. Cyber Awareness Training plays a vital role in ensuring that employees don’t inadvertently fall victim to sophisticated cyber-attacks, leading to data breaches, financial losses, and potential reputational damage to the organisation.

Despite its importance, too many organisations fail to provide more than basic Cyber Security training for their staff. Without adequate cyber awareness training, a poorly trained staff base can be more susceptible to falling for phishing scams, downloading malware, or inadvertently disclosing sensitive information. Inadequately prepared staff may end up inadvertently exposing the company to cyber threats and potential regulatory fines.

Being prepared for proliferating threats

Cyber threats come in various forms, including malware, phishing, ransomware, and social engineering attacks.

  • Malware infects systems, stealing data and causing serious disruptions to operations.
  • Ransomware encrypts files that could be crucial for the running of your business, demanding payment for decryption.
  • Phishing attempts to deceive individuals into divulging confidential information.
  • Social engineering attacks attempt to manipulate human behaviour in order to gain unauthorised access.

Cyber Awareness Training plays a crucial role in guarding against these attacks, equipping employees to better identify potential attacks. By educating employees to identify common phishing and social engineering tactics and techniques, such as pretexting or baiting, organisations can empower their teams to recognise and thwart attacks.

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Making Cyber Awareness Second Nature with Equilibrium Security

Equilibrium Security is your partner in Cyber Security. Through our Cyber Awareness programme, your team can be empowered to become your first line of defence against cyber risks.

We help your team master essential skills to better identify and counter online threats. We help to build a security culture that becomes ingrained into the ethos of your company. With our support, your team can become proactive in achieving your Cyber Security goals, taking a security-first approach to everything they do.

To find out more about Cyber Awareness Training and what it can do for your organisation contact us today.