Cisco Meraki Office-in-a-box

The Cisco Meraki office-in-a-box solution is a complete, robust feature set right out of the box.

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What is Cisco Meraki 'Office-in-a-box'?

Meraki Office-in-a-box is a pre-configured ‘all in one’ infrastructure solution which is deployed and managed from the cloud. This solution is easy to deploy and administer across multiple sites.

This includes:

  1. WiFi (for organisation and guests)
  2. Security (Intrusion
  3. Prevention, AntiVirus,
  4. Advanced Malware Protection)
  5. Switching
  6. Secure VPN’s between sites
    Mobile device management

There are many benefits of Cisco Meraki. For one, when you buy a Meraki product you are purchasing everything that solution is capable of doing- there are no additional costs for licenses or hardware. Meraki also constantly work to ensure its features remain cutting edge. So much so, since 2012 Cisco Meraki has produced more than 52 major feature updates.

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With the cloud-based Meraki dashboard your entire infrastructure is under a single pane of glass

Meraki Wireless

Meraki Wireless LAN access points are pre-configured for a seamless user experience. It is 100% cloud managed and can be deployed across multiple sites in minutes.

Meraki MX Firewall

The Meraki MX Firewall with SD-WAN protects your infrastructure from security threats and vulnerabilities. It can also be deployed remotely via the cloud!

Meraki Switching

Meraki Switches can be pre-staged and configured entirely from a Systems Manager which allows for easy to deployment, management and troubleshooting.

Features of the Meraki Office-in-a-box products

Meraki MX Firewall

  1. Identity-Based Firewall- Assigns VLAN tags, firewall/traffic rules and bandwidth limits to enforce the right policies for users.
  2. Advanced Malware Protection- Protect your infrastructure from malware using threat intelligence. It allows you to identify previously unknown malicious files retrospectively
  3. Intrusion Prevention- Protects critical infrastructure resources from the latest security threats
  4. Auto VPN- Securely connects branch locations using mesh or hub-and-spoke topologies.
  5. Content Filtering- Block undesirable websites and URLs

Meraki Wireless

  1. Centralised management- you can seamlessly manage distributed WiFi deployments
  2. Location analytics-including user visit time and whether they have visited before
  3. Application and visibility and control- For example in schools access to applications like Facebook can be blocked
  4. Automatic RF Optimization- optimize WiFi by measuring throughput, signal strength and interference.
  5. High capacity with real-time spectrum analysis- Designed specifically for high density and next generation deployments

Meraki Switches

  1. Multigigabit Ethernet- Provide the higher performance demanded by the latest access points over existing cabling.
  2. Enterprise Security- keep the wired network protected from external and internal threats
  3. Flexible Stacking- configure thousands of ports across standalone and physically stacked switches from anywhere
  4. Layer 7 Visibility- this makes it easy to understand how valuable infrastructure resources are being used
  5. Powerful remote tools for finding and correcting issues, no matter where you are in the world

Why choose Meraki?

Reasons for choosing Meraki for your infrastructure

There are many benefits of Cisco Meraki. For one, when you buy a Meraki product you are purchasing everything that solution is capable of doing- there are no additional costs for licenses or hardware. Meraki also constantly work to ensure its features remain cutting edge. So much so, since 2012 Cisco Meraki has produced more than 52 major feature updates.

  1. You will no longer require onsite assistance to resolve issues as Meraki allows you to manage and troubleshoot from any device with internet connectivity- even from a mobile device.
  2. Quick and easy-Meraki’s zero touch provisioning and pre-configured devices makes multi-site deployments quicker and easier than ever. Your IT teams will not have to spend a long time pre-staging kit and sites can be back up and running within minutes.
  3. Less time consuming- Configurations download automatically once a device is connected.
    “Virtual stacking” allows IT administrators to bulk-configure ports on internet-connected switches, whether these switches are located in Birmingham or Barcelona
  4. The cloud platform allows the IT admins to get a real-time understanding of what’s going on network-wide and to ensure that security threats are kept at bay.
  5. Meraki gives you visibility into traffic, security threats and device activity.

How can we help?

Here at Equilibrium we are Meraki and Cyber Security Specialists. Our consultants are Cisco experts and will take time to understand your complex security goals and objectives. We can preconfigure your new Meraki network so that when it arrives onsite it can be unpacked, connected and up and running within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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