What is malware?

And different types of malware.

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What is malware?

The term malware is a type of malicious software created with the intent of doing harm to devices, data or businesses. Some of the different types of malware include spyware, worms, viruses and Trojans.

These malicious programs can perform a variety of functions, including stealing, encrypting or deleting sensitive data. Being protected against malware is important because it can allow hackers to hijack systems and monitor activity without the user knowing or giving access.

‘Black hat hackers’ are often part of criminal organisations. They use malware to infect devices and to gain access to sensitive data locked away in the computers, networks and mobile devices.

The Dark Web Specialist Darkbeam believes that more than 98% of business have already been hacked-they just aren’t aware of it yet. With the threat landscape changing every day it makes it difficult to remain ahead of the game.

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How does malware work?

Malware can infect systems and devices in many different ways. For instance, it can be delivered physically to a computer through a USB drive. Malware can also spread through automatic downloads on the internet which often happens unbeknown to the user. These are instigated when a user visits a malicious website. Another common type of malware delivery is phishing attacks.

These are emails sent from a supposedly legitimate source which attempt to dupe you into clicking on a malicious link. Many malware attacks often use a command-and-control server that allows cyber criminals to communicate with the infected systems, steal sensitive information and control the compromised system.

As each form of malware is the different and has its own way of infecting computers and stealing data, each type requires a different method of removal. First of all when it comes to phishing emails, education is key, you must learn to look out for the warning signs, it if looks suspicious do not click on links or open attachments.

What different types of malware are there?

The following is a list of common types of malware:

  • Virus: The clue is in its biological name. A computer virus works by attaching itself to clean files who then infect other clean files. They often spread like wildfire, deleting files and destroying a system’s functionality.
  • Ransomware: This kind of malware locks down your computer, encrypts your files and demands a ransom to retrieve your data.
  • Trojans: Just like the tale from Greek mythology, this malware disguises itself as trusted program. It usually acts discretely by creating holes in your security to let other malicious software in.
  • Botnets: These are networks of infected computers that work together under the control of a cybercriminal.
  • Spyware: This type of malware is designed to spy on your activity. It discretely watches what you do online, in attempt to steal sensitive information like credit card details and passwords.
  • Worms: This malware infects entire networks, either locally or across the internet. It uses each machine to infect more and more.

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