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Cyber Security Podcasts and Webinars

Take a listen to our Cyber Security podcasts and webinars to find out how to improve your security posture. We cover a range of themes like vulnerability management, cloud security and all things cyber!

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OnDemand webinar: The threat of third-party software applications

Do you regularly test your third-party software applications for security holes? Take a listen to our OnDemand webinar alongside AppCheck to find out how vulnerability scanning can be used to help mitigate software security risks.

This webinar also explores:

  • Why it is important to regularly test your third-party applications for vulnerabilities.
  • How to develop an effective vulnerability management strategy which minimises the risks posed by supply chain software applications.
  • How to discover unknown security holes in your corporate applications so that you can keep your critical data safe from cyber-criminals.

Head to our blog to find out more about third party software risks.

OnDemand webinar: Fundamentals in Industrial Control Systems

This webinar is hosted by Equilibrium and Tripwire.

Industrial control systems (ICS) are essential to the smooth operation of our national critical infrastructure which are becoming increasingly more networked as organisations transform to meet the digital age. Unfortunately, all ICS networks share a common weakness: they were built before cyber threats existed and are not designed with built-in external security controls.

This webinar also explores:

  • The growing cyber threat to industrial organisations
  • Why it’s important to invest in cyber security for Industrial networks
  • The differences between securing Operational Technology (OT) / IT
  • How to implement a strategy to improve OT security

Head to over to Tripwire's 'State of Security blog' to read our article which discusses this subject in more detail 

OnDemand webinar: Protect against ransomware with Cisco Umbrella

Find out how Cisco Umbrella can  protect your users from Ransomware attacks whether they are on or off the corporate network. With Umbrella, businesses can stop  malware infections earlier, identify already infected devices faster, and prevent data exfiltration.

Find out more about Cisco Ransomware Defense

GDPR Podcast

To help you comply with GDPR, it’s important to understand exactly what the obligations for businesses are. In collaboration with Cisco and Computing.co.uk, Equilibrium Security has produced a podcast.

Cloud Security Podcast

This podcast is also in collaboration with Cisco and Computing.co.uk. It will cover: How to mitigate risks of moving applications into the cloud, what to do in the event of a ransomware attack and how to ensure Office 365 is secure.