Vulnerability Scan: How easy is it for hackers to access your data?

You may think that you don’t need a vulnerability scan because your firewall protects you. However, no matter what defences you have in place you will not be un-hackable. Dark Web Specialist Darkbeam believes that more than 98% of business have already been hacked-they just aren’t aware of it yet.

What is a Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan assesses how secure your critical web applications are, it reviews where there are potential areas of compromise that hackers could exploit to gain access to your critical data. The aim of the assessment is to present a list of targets which have vulnerabilities such as out of date software and misconfigurations which could be exploited to gain access to your systems.

Equilibrium are partnering with Appcheck

We utilise Appcheck- a Penetration Testing tool built to detect security flaws and vulnerabilities in websites, applications and external infrastructure. The tool has been built and developed over the last decade by a large team of UK CHECK and CREST accredited Manual Penetration Testers.

Will web app security be your GDPR Weakness?

It is now just over 3 months until GDPR will be underway. But are you confident that your web app security won't be your GDPR weakness? To comply with GDPR and ensure data is protected, you will need to be certain that your business critical applications are completely secure.

Here at Equilibrium we are able to run regular tests to identify gaps in protection and see whether your data is out in the public/dark web.

Have you got business critical applications?

If you have business critical applications then this is a service you must have. In addition to the web application scanning, Equilibrium can also perform vulnerability scans across your internal network infrastructure.

Do you manually test your applications for vulnerabilities?

Many businesses depend on multiple applications to keep them up and running. Whether this is a CRM, your website or an accounts system - any downtime could have a negative effect on productivity and reputation. In order to ensure these applications are safeguarded from online threats, you must run regular scans.

If you would like to check for vulnerabilities in your applications, you can register for a free scan by clicking the button below.

Do you want to see if your data is on the Dark Web?

Find out if your user accounts have been compromised and are accessible on the dark web. The threat Intelligence module will list the source, username and redacted password for each discovered account. Each username and password is also checked against authentication interfaces discovered during the scan such as Outlook Web Access, WordPress and HTML login forms to determine if it can be used to access the assessed application.

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Webinar GDPR: How can vulnerability scanning help?20th March, 11am

If you would like to find out more about App Check and Vulnerability Scans we are running a webinar on the 20th March at 11am. If you would like to attend, please register your interest below.