What are the most effective small business security solutions?

Small business security software: What are the most effective small business security solutions?

Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Small office network security must involve technology that can quickly and automatically detect, contain, and remediate malware that evades security defenses. The Cisco security portfolio ensures that you are protected from the first and last line of defense. In order to keep your business safe from these network security threats you must have a proactive approach to tackling them. This should involve implementing small business Cisco solutions like Cisco Umbrella, AMP for Endpoint and Cisco Meraki which all have state of the art security threat analysis capabilities. These controls should also be regularly tested and scanned to monitor effectiveness. If you would like to 'try before you buy' to see the fantastic capabilities of these products for yourself, we can set you up with free no obligation trials!

  • Cisco Umbrella- This is cloud security software for small businesses that provides the first line of defense against threats online. The Umbrella security global infrastructure handles over 100 billion internet requests a day, which are analysed to learn where attacks are being staged even before the first victim is hit. Cisco Umbrella is ideal for SMB’s as it can be deployed within minutes, it reduces security alerts and protects users wherever they are… on or off the company network! This means you no longer have to worry about remote workers or employees accessing critical applications from mobile devices.
  • Cisco Meraki- The Cisco Meraki network is perfect for small businesses as it is affordable, scalable and user friendly. With the cloud-based Meraki dashboard your entire infrastructure is under a single pane of glass. This includes Meraki Wireless, Meraki MX Firewall with SD-WAN and Meraki Switches which all can be centrally managed from the cloud.
  • Cisco AMP for Endpoint- Cisco AMP provides protection against sophisticated cyber-attacks so you have more time to focus on the running of your business. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection stops cyber breaches, blocks malware and protects remote workers. It can also rapidly detect, contain and remediate advanced threats that evade your security controls.
  • Cisco Email Security- Email security is vitally important for SME’s as email is the number one threat vector. The Cisco Security email appliance is the most effective email security gateway because it has unmatched threat intelligence insights. Cisco Email Security also has a spam catch rate of over 99.9 percent along with graymail detection and content filters.
  • CREST Penetration Testing Service- CREST penetration tests help determine weaknesses in your security defenses which may allow unsolicited access to software, hardware and applications. Regular network penetration testing not only improves your overall security posture, it is also a vital component to any effective cyber risk management strategy
  • AppCheck Vulnerability Scanning- Small business website application security can help you identify vulnerabilities which could leave you exposed to dangerous malware. AppCheck detects security flaws and vulnerabilities in websites, applications and external infrastructure. Do you want to see how secure your small business web applications are? Head to our AppCheck web page to set up your free scan today!

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