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Meet Alex: our sixth form placement student with a keen interest in cybersecurity!

Why did you choose to do a placement here at Equilibrium?

The reason I wanted to do my 2 week placement at Equilibrium is because I am interested in cybersecurity. Equilibrium was the best place to learn about networks, ethical hacking and Cisco products. Everyone at Equilibrium is motivated, passionate and has helped with any questions I have had.

During my time at at Equilibrium I have gained a valuable insight  into security, basic network configuration and how all of the Cisco products work together to protect a business. I  have also learnt about Kali and how it is optimised for penetration testing.

What are your interests outside of education?

During my free time, I enjoy participating in CTF events to gain more experience with securing networks. I also like hanging out with friends. I also have a passion for music and enjoy playing rhythm games.

I attend South Bromsgrove High and am currently in my first year of sixth form. For my A-levels, I have chosen Computing Science, Chemistry and Physics. The reason I took Computing Science is because I have always been interested in technology and wanted to learn how they work. The reason I am interested in cyber security is thanks to my computing teachers who enrolled me in a cyber discovery program. This helped me learn about the fundamentals of cyber security and has further sparked my interest in cyber security as well as networking.

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