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Meet Eve: our sixth form placement student with a keen interest in cybersecurity!

I was very excited to discover Equilibrium Security Services as they are a company with expertise and a dedication to all things cyber-security, a subject I have become very interested in and hope to study myself. My interest in cyber-security grew when I attended some courses called CyberFirst on the subject a few years ago, where I learnt about some of the basics such as the different types of attack, ransomware, phishing, basic networking, social engineering and how to protect your personal information. I realised that cyber-security is such an in-depth area and I endeavoured to find out much more about it, and how I could pursue it as a career. Equilibrium Security seemed like the perfect placement in order to acquire some experience of the workplace and cyber-security in practice.

I was very interested in the idea of penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in systems, and the practical side of the industry, and how one might put in place firewalls or anti-malware protection in a business, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this happens at Equilibrium. I am also looking forward to understanding more about each of the products Equilibrium offer, such as the CISCO firewalls, email security, Cyber Essentials and how they work.

Currently I am a sixth form student studying A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Computer Science in Birmingham. Computer Science is definitely my favourite subject and I enjoy problem solving, amateur programming and reading Maths and Computing books in my spare time. Outside my academic interests I enjoy going for walks and being around nature, and also I love watching films and reading.

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