Ransomware Defense

Ransomware Defense

Cisco Ransomware Defense uses the Cisco Security Architecture to effectively defend against ransomware


on its way to becoming a £1 billion annual market.

As ransomware can enter your network in multiple ways, there is no ‘silver bullet’ which is guaranteed to prevent ransomware infections. You must have layers of security defenses at each potential network entry point. With the Cisco Ransomware Defense portfolio you can bypass even the most sophisticated ransomware attacks. The Cisco Ransomware Defense products provide ransomware protection from the DNS layer to email to the endpoint. These solutions are also backed by industry-leading Cisco threat research team: Talos.

Ransomware is a security roadblock which is here to stay.

Though no one ever expects to be hit by such an attack, it is predicted that ransomware hits a new victim every 10 seconds. Unfortunately, ransomware is a security roadblock which is here to stay. While new types of attacks like cryptomining have entered the race, ransomware is still a huge obstacle for businesses. To remain protected you must learn how to stay ahead of advanced threats.

Defend your business with the Cisco Ransomware Defense portfolio

The Cisco Ransomware defense portfolio helps to reduce the risk of ransomware infections, and other malware so you can focus on your business’ top priorities.  Cisco offers a portfolio-based approach, rather than a single product. Cisco AMP, Cisco Email Security ,Cisco Umbrella  and Cisco Duo 2FA work together to prevent ransomware attacks, detect if they gain access to your systems and contain them to limit damage.

  • Cisco AMP

    Discover, contain, and remove advanced ransomware and malware. Cisco AMP can block ransomware from gaining access and encrypting files on endpoint devices. As the ransomware can’t take files hostage, the ransomware attack cannot be conducted.

  • Cisco Email Security

    The Cisco ESA has a threat-centric approach which gives enhanced security needed in today’s threat landscape. Email is the number one attack vector for ransomware. If you can stop the malicious email from landing in an inbox, you can prevent the ransomware.

  • Cisco Umbrella

    Cisco Umbrella blocks DNS requests before a user reaches a malicious site hosting ransomware. Umbrella can also block command and control callbacks which can stop the ransomware in its tracks. Umbrella protects you on or off the corporate network.

  • Cisco Duo 2FA

    Cisco Duo 2-Factor authentication is an application which can seamlessly identify user identity by sending push notifications to mobiles. 2FA stops unauthorised users (hackers) accessing systems and critical applications, meaning Ransomware cannot be distributed onto the network.

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Should I pay the ransom?

Do you know what you would do if you saw the dreaded message: ‘your personal files are encrypted, pay the ransom to retrieve your data’? Targeted organisations often believe that paying the ransom is the most cost-effective way to get their data back — and, unfortunately, this may also be the reality. The problem is that every single business that pays to recover their files is directly funding the development of the next generation of ransomware.

As a result, ransomware is evolving at an alarming rate with new and more sophisticated variants. This makes defending your organisation's data against ransomware more critical than ever. Ransomware attacks have become an extremely lucrative criminal enterprise. While 54% of UK businesses are said to have been hit by a ransomware attack in the past year, over half of these eventually gave in and paid the ransom.

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