Data Protection and Security Services

Data Protection and Security Services

What data protection solutions  do we offer?

Here at Equilibrium, we offer a wide range of data protection and security solutions which can be used to keep your network secure. Living in the digital age, we face new online cyber-threats every day. In fact, a recent study found that a new piece of malware is discovered every 4.2 seconds.

With this in mind, strong data security has never been more crucial. We offer an extensive portfolio of data protection controls to ensure that your business is protected from these threats.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing scams are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Worryingly 8 million phishing emails are opened daily, with 800,000 of those going on to click on the fraudulent link. Our Phishing Simulation service is a great way to test how susceptible your staff are to phishing attacks.

Our Phishing Simulation service allows you to test how cyber aware your staff are.

How does it work?
  • Simulated phishing emails are sent out from a supposedly ‘credible source’ to your workforce.
  • We then monitor the clicks of the staff who are successfully duped.
  • If you click on the faux link, you will be redirected to a series of training videos and quizzes.
  • At the end of the process we will provide you with a detailed report of the findings so that you can see which employees may be putting your business at risk and will need to be thoroughly trained on how to spot phishing attacks

On average, when the first simulated email is sent a shocking 80% are duped into clicking on the ‘malicious’ link. However, after the final email is sent the click rate  decreases to around 8%.  Our Phishing Simulation Service will not only help provide clarity on how cyber aware your staff really are. The training it provides will also help reduce the risk of your employees leaving you vulnerable to a breach.

Next Generation Firewalls:

A next-generation firewall (NGFW), is a sophisticated hardware or software-based network security system that is able to detect and block cyber-attacks by enforcing security policies at the application level, as well as at the port and protocol level.

A Cisco NGFW is unique as it is able to protect before, during, and after a cyber-attack. Only Cisco NGFWs protect after attacks, with the retrospective security capabilities of Cisco AMP.


Our data protection service Cisco Firepower gives you the visibility and automation to help you mitigate the latest information security threats. Understaffed security teams often struggle to find resource and time to protect the network. This puts critical data at risk of being compromised. Our NGFW has automation capabilities which help struggling and understaffed security teams.

What are the other benefits of a Next Generation Firewall?
  • Integrate security functions tightly to provide highly effective threat and advanced malware protection
  • Provide actionable indications of compromise to identify malware activity
  • Offer comprehensive network visibility
  • Help reduce complexity and costs
  • Integrate and interface smoothly and transparently with third-party security solutions
  • Provide investment protection

Ransomware protect:

Ransomware Protect utilises Cisco Umbrella a state of the art cloud based application. Ransomware Protect brings a whole new layer of security to your business. This data protection solution can be deployed onto your network within minutes without the need to install any hardware or software.

Within seconds the application identifies potential security breaches instantly blocking any sites which it suspects could contain ransomware/malware. It uses a global graph of internet activity and categorises each part in terms of the security threat it poses. Not only does this give you a more complete view of the internet, it also removes the blind spots in your information security protection.

How does it protect you against Ransomware?
  • It identifies threats at a DNS level and can block the request before you even connect to the malicious site
  • If malware has managed to get onto your systems it can show a historical breakdown of the files it has reached
  • It excels at blocking C2 call-backs stopping the ransomware obtaining your data