WEBINAR Email spoofing: Is it time to say no to email impersonation attacks?

WEBINAR Email spoofing: Is it time to say no to email impersonation attacks?

4th March 15.00pm- 16.00pm GMT



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Webinar: 4th March 15.00pm- 16.00pm GMT

Email impersonation scams are a key threat to businesses across the UK. If you have ever received an email from a ‘legitimate’ sender, which you later discovered was false, you have already fallen victim to an email spoofing attack. Unfortunately, email impersonation is not a difficult tactic to implement, there are many easily accessible tools which allow bad actors to convincingly spoof your business domain. Although many businesses class their domain as their private intellectual property, the reality is, your brand can be easily imitated if you don’t implement the necessary security measures.

Does my email provider protect me from spoofing attacks?

Despite the huge dependency on email accounts for businesses across the globe, email providers have still not been able to prevent email spoofing attacks. To this day, the protocols which underpin our email accounts are not able to automatically verify and validate the senders identity. Although some of these attacks may be identified and blocked by security filters, they are often mistaken for genuine emails, and subsequently land in an employee’s or customer's inbox.

On the 4th March at 15:00pm Equilibrium Security Services and Red Sift are hosting a joint webinar. This educational session will explore how to prevent spoofing attacks, improve brand trust and take back control of your corporate domain.

Here is a taste of what the session will cover...
  • How Red Sift's OnDMARC solution can be used to: reduce the risk of spoofing, gain in-depth visibility into who is sending on your behalf, where your domain is being used and how many of your emails are passing DMARC validation.
  • Learn how to fast-track your DMARC and SPF journey, by implementing a future-proof email architecture.
  • How to put a stop to unwarranted use of your corporate domain.
Webinar hosts

Who should attend?
  • Technical audience
  • IT Manager/ Director

Leonardo Do Carmo, EMEA Account Director, Red Sift

Leonardo works with Cyber Security business leaders to help them identify their own risk acceptance levels and evaluate the vulnerabilities, threats and risks faced in today’s fast evolving cyber threat landscape.


Keynote speaker: Ned Stevanovski, CISO, Mishcon De Reya LLP

Ned is entrusted to lead and manage the implementation of Mishcon's 3 and 10 year technology transformation strategy with focus on enhancing the value of the services they deliver to their clients.


Anish Chauhan, Managing Director of Equilibrium Security Services

Anish founded Equilibrium Security in 2012 with the aim of protecting a business’ most valuable asset: its data. He has worked in the security industry now for over 20 years, so it is safe to say he lives and breathes Cyber Security.

*As a follow up to this session, Red Sift will be offering a Threat Intelligence Report that will be done over 14 days. This report will:
  • Identify all email sending sources, both legitimate and illegitimate
  • Identify shadow IT
  • Location of all illegitimate sending sources
  • Threat Intelligence into all IPs sending emails on behalf of your organisation
  • Full detail on how to protect your clients against impersonations
  • Full overview of DNS configuration (SPF & DKIM configuration)
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