Network Visibility and Control

Cisco ISE:
Identity Service Engine

Increase Visibility, Control Access, Contain Threats

  • Do you want to gain enhanced visibility into users and devices on your network?

    To avoid cyber breaches it is important to eliminate your security blind spots. Cisco ISE allows deep visibility into endpoints, users and who is accessing your network

  • Do you want to simplify network segmentation and enforcement to control access to critical assets?

    Segmenting your network makes it difficult for hackers to conduct a network-wide attack. ISE security supports a highly efficient policy-based approach.

  • Do you want to simplify the provisioning and safeguarding of all endpoints on a network?

    Cisco Identity Service Engine can contain infected endpoint devices for observation and remediation to reduce the attack overall surface.

Do you have full visibility into network-connected devices?

Living in the digital age, employees expect access to company systems and resources from any location and device. As more and more unmonitored endpoints connect to corporate networks, businesses are faced with lack of insight and control of their users. It is estimated that by 2030 there will be 500 billion network-connected devices worldwide.

This technological revolution undoubtedly produces significant business value. However, as the attack surface continues to expand, overwhelmed IT teams are faced with the challenge of identifying and protecting an increasing number of connected devices. To ensure confidential assets remain protected, businesses must have visibility of all endpoints connecting to the network. Getting ahead of threats requires a solution which offers deep insight into the users, devices, and applications accessing your systems.

53% of midmarket companies have experienced a breach

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Features of the Cisco ISE appliance

Here at Equilibrium we are cyber security experts and Cisco Premier partners. We have the expertise to design and implement complex Cisco security solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Cisco Identity Service Engine aids and simplifies identity management for businesses who have a range of devices and users connecting to their network.

  • Gain rich visibility into network connected devices.

    ISE's superior device profiling and zero-day device profile feed service provides updated profiles for the latest devices. This helps reduce the number of unknown endpoints and potential threats on your network.

  • Cisco ISE security provides context-aware identity management.

    ISE determines granular user details like access history, location and whether they are using an authorised policy compliant device. This can be used for compliance and reporting.

  • Simplify guest onboarding experience

    Cisco ISE security has customizable desktop and mobile guest portals which create easy access in minutes. ISE has visual workflows which allow you to manage detailed aspects of guest access.

  • Segment your network and grant access for authenticated users only

    Cisco ISE 2.1 permits authenticated users with access to specific applications or segments of the network, based on authentication result

  • Accelerate Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) and enterprise mobility.

    ISE gives you an easy out-of-the box setup. Use self-service device onboarding and management, internal device certificate management, and integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partner software for device onboarding both on and off premises.

  • Stop and contain threats

    ISE can automatically contains threats for observation, remediation and mitigation through integration with the Cisco Rapid Threat Containment solution.

As the attack surface continues to expand, there will be 500 billion network-connected devices by 2030.Cisco Security

How can Cisco ISE help defend your network?

Download a more detailed overview of the features and benefits of the Cisco Identity Service Engine

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What is Cisco ISE?

  • Cisco ISE overview- What is ISE network security?

    Cisco Identity Services Engine is a network administration product which is used to control security policies to a granular level. Cisco ISE allows you to create and implement security and access policies for endpoint devices. This aids and simplifies identity management for businesses who have a range of devices and users connecting to their network.

  • What security concerns would warrant a Cisco Identity Service Engine?

    Gone are the days where access to sensitive data is only needed from company desktops protected by an enterprise firewall. Employees now have access to network resources from more devices and through more networks than ever before. If this rapid increase in network enabled devices is unmanaged, bad actors could gain unauthorised access to systems and confidential assets. The countless high-profile data breaches publicised in the press clearly demonstrates the importance of security for organisations of all sizes. Cisco ISE network security removes your blind spots- It not only protects and controls network access, it also has insights into user identity and type of device.

What kind of business would benefit from Cisco ISE 2.1?

Cisco Identity Services Engine is perfect for companies who:

  • Feel that they lack visibility into how many devices are on their network, who is accessing it and from what location.
  • Face tight legal and regulatory requirements to ensure data is safeguarded
  • Want to segment their network to ensure that breaches can be easily contained
  • Want to provide role-based access security policies to control user access to sensitive information and network resources
  • Are looking for a solution which seamlessly integrates with their current security solutions and infrastructure

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