Cisco Duo: What policies can you enforce?


Cisco DUO- What policies can you enforce?

Verify users' identities, gain visibility into every device, and enforce adaptive policies to secure access to every application.

Cisco Duo 2fa has the power to enforce granular contextual policies

With Duo 2 factor authentication software you can enforce granular, contextual policies on a per user, location or application basis. This allows you to reduce risk as you have more control over who is accessing your business critical applications. These access policies are centrally-managed from the Duo dashboard. Businesses can choose whether the policy is enforced on a global scale or if you would like to share them between applications. This saves time for administrators as it means that they do not need to manually update the settings on a per application basis. For security reasons, only users who are assigned as an administrator can edit and enforce new policies in the Duo Admin panel. Users who are application managers can only assign existing policies to applications but may not edit or create policies.

Duo push Secure Two-Factor Authentication

Duo 2 factor verification is an extra layer of security which helps to keep your accounts safe from unprecedented access. By combining something you know (a password) with something you have (a mobile phone) you can reduce the likelihood of a hacker compromising your identity. Although it may not stop a determined intruder, it makes it a lot harder for cyber criminals to have their wicked way with your stolen credentials alone. The ease of use of Duo Security 2fa also means the user experience is not compromised.

What policies can you enforce with Cisco Duo two factor authentication?

  • Duo Security authentication allows you to block any authentication attempts from outside of the countries you trade in. You can also block requests from unknown, suspicious or anonymous networks (like Tor)

  • With Duo Security 2-factor authentication you can create authentication policies that dictate which methods your users are able to use to gain access to systems. For instance, you may only want to allow authentication through Duo push. This method helps to prevent attacks which involve intercepting one-time codes.

  • For stronger security you can also create policies which involve blocking users which aren’t enrolled.

  • To prevent brute-force attempts the Duo Security app allows you to limit the number of failed authentication attempts. If there are too many a user will be locked out. You can also decide who receives an email alert once you are locked out, for instance you may only want this to be sent to the Duo administrator.

  • Duo Access and Duo Beyond supports biometric authentication. For example, you could enforce a policy which means that users cannot authenticate unless they have finger print or facial recognition on the mobiles which host the Duo app. What better way to verify user identity?

  • Another popular policy that you can enforce is users having to have a passcode on their phone. This helps to prevent bad actors getting unwarranted access to the Duo mobile application and authenticating without permission.

  • The Duo Security Cisco application allows you to check the health of a device and whether it has the latest software updates and security features. If it is not up-to-date, Duo can block users accessing applications unless they update their endpoint device.

  • With Duo mobile security you can determine who can access which applications based on their job role or responsibilities and set up customised policies on a per-user/group basis.

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Who are Duo Security?

In 2010, Cisco Duo Security was set up by Duo Dug Song and Jonathan Oberheide. Cisco Duo 2fa has 700 employees and has offices in America and the UK. In 2018 Duo Security was acquired by tech giant Cisco for a staggering $2.35 billion. Cisco were keen to invest in this ‘unicorn’ tech company as they wanted to extend their cloud security capabilities and intent-based networking.

Cisco Duo security provides secure access solutions for businesses of all sizes. Thousands of organisations trust Cisco Duo to provide secure access for their users, including Facebook, Toyota, Sophos and Etsy. Their application is more than just a multi-factor authentication solution, it also has remediation capabilities for corporate endpoint devices. With this simple yet effective secure single sign-on tool, you can easily verify user identity so that you can focus on top business priorities.

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