Email Security

Email Security

Email is the number one threat vector. Do you have world-class threat researchers protecting your email solution?

  • Are you looking for a more robust layer of security defense for your cloud email/Office 365?

    Although Microsoft does offer security for Office 365, Cisco Email security has robust security features such as retrospective security, automatic mailbox remediation and Talos threat intelligence.

  • Do you want to safeguard your brand and users from email threats and data breaches?

    Employee phishing attacks are still the main cause for data breaches. You can minimise the chance of crucial data loss (whether malicious or accidental) with content-aware, policy-based data loss prevention capabilities

  • Are you looking for an email security solution with more visibility and unparalleled threat intelligence?

    Cisco ESA Email security has superior threat intelligence features. Their threat research team Cisco Talos automatically send real-time cyber threat updates every 5 minutes.

Take a free test drive of Cisco Email Security, set up your 45 day free trial. See how Cisco email security can work to provide the rapid threat detection you need for today's top threats like ransomware, phishing and business email compromise.

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How secure is your Office 365 cloud-based email?

Living in the digital age, email is integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives. From banking to business use, emails are regularly used to send and receive highly sensitive information. As our email accounts are one of our most important digital assets, we cannot depend on the bare minimum security controls to keep it protected.

The Cisco ESA is a secure email gateway which uses Talos threat intelligence to update its threat feeds every 3 to 5 minutes. Talos is a team of 300+ threat researchers at Cisco who block 20 billion threats and analyse more than 600 billion emails daily. This intelligence gives an invaluable insight into the global threat landscape and is the backbone of the entire Cisco security portfolio.

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Features of the Cisco Email Security Appliance

Here at Equilibrium we are cyber security experts and Cisco Premier partners. We have the expertise to design and implement complex Cisco security solutions tailored to your unique business needs. The Cisco Email Security software has a threat-centric approach which gives users the enhanced security they need in today’s threat landscape.

  • Stop URL-based threats before they even reach the users inbox.

    With broad URL intelligence you are able automatically block emails with risky links and stop access to infected sites to protect against phishing and BEC.

  • Automated retrospective remediation tool

    When harmful malware enters your infrastructure, the ESA’s automated retrospective remediation tool can be used to find it and stop it from spreading- before other devices become infected

  • The ESA gives you unmatched visibility

    Having awareness at the perimeter is not sufficient. The ESA gives vital insight into where the email has come from and what it contains after entering the network. This retrospective security allows you to see and contain cyber threats across your infrastructure- this includes sophisticated attacks which span over a long time-period

  • The Cisco Email appliance detects threats that may not be caught by Office 365 alone.

    Cisco Email Security has a spam catch rate of over 99.9 percent along with graymail detection and content filters.

  • It also includes forged email detection as well as features which help gain insight into email sources, senders and partners

    You can also identify targets, creates rules around them, and places controls on sensitive data, to help prevent business email compromise, or BEC.

  • Cisco Email Security helps to defend against phishing and ransomware attacks.

    You will receive the most up-to-date protection with Cisco Talos Threat intelligence. Updates are sent every three to five minutes to ensure you have real-time protection from the changing threat landscape

  • Secure email service - protects outgoing emails

    Cisco Email Security has robust data loss prevention and content encryption capabilities to safeguard sensitive information. This helps you comply with government regulations and helps to secure email accounts.

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Why do I need extra layers of protection for my cloud email?

  • Office 365 already has security controls, why do I need more security on top of what I have already?

    Although Microsoft does offer security for Office 365, Cisco Email security cloud protection has robust security features such as Talos threat intelligence and automatic mailbox remediation to minimise the risk of suffering a breach from the biggest attack vector.

  • I already have a firewall and other great security products and services. Why do I need additional email security in addition to what is protecting me now?

    To reduce the risk of malware attacks, it is important follow a portfolio-based approach. You cannot depend on a single security product as a ‘silver bullet’ for all of your security needs. If you already have Advanced Malware Protection or a Cisco Firewall, you can easily add the Cisco ESA to your security defenses.

  • Highly secure email helps keep business moving.

    The ESA gives you real-time insight into all email communications which helps you respond to incidents sooner. Having multiple layers of security protection allows you to block threats much faster.

What is Email Security?

Email security gateways are used to prevent emails being sent or received which violate an organisation's policies. Email security is a necessary measure for all security minded businesses who want to ensure that emails with malicious intent are unable to meet their destination. Email security software has the ability to block phishing attacks, spam and other malware. If a business fails to secure their email accounts, they may expose their sensitive data to bad actors with malicious intent.

The Cisco Security email appliance is the most effective email security gateway because it has unmatched threat intelligence insights. Cisco Talos are a team of threat researchers who block 20 billion threats and analyse more than 600 billion emails daily.  Every business who wants the most effective and powerful protection should consider the Cisco ESA. The threat feed for the Cisco email appliance is updated every 3-5 minutes meaning you are getting up-to-date, real time threat protection, to ensure your email accounts are not compromised.

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